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Barney Miller The Sighting

FK – Wow. Between the 6th and 7th grades I spent a lot of evenings watching the skies from my backyard and saw a couple things I couldn’t explain. My ‘UFO Journal’ is in my attic in a box. Need to dig it out.

The gold issue and fears of economic collapse show us there’s always someone setting a date in the name of making money.

And of course the propaganda about needing a permit to own a shotgun is thrown in, which I’m not sure was even true of double-barrelled shotguns in new yawk city even then. Requiring anyone to seek permission to protect themselves or their property is evil.

But here we are years later and the gold and silver sellers are still in business, the average dumbass barely thinks about life outside our limited existence and we’re more enslaved in some ways than we were in the 70s while millions of morons sit on their asses and wait to get beamed up while passing their slavery on to their children.

Does that tell you anything?

A new birth of Liberty, or death

An Urgent Christmas Message from Stefan Molyneux

FK – One problem among many is the inability of ‘intelligent'(loosely defined) people to adequately understand the stupidity, apathy, mental laziness, fear, willful ignorance, of the sheeple around them. These descriptions can include many highly ‘educated’ morons who only went to college so they could make more money and are really only good at assimilating and regurgitating but not thinking because it’s too dangerous to their incomes.

Another problem is the human inclination towards doom and gloom in an already fatalistic mindset among the working poor and even middle class. The doom and gloomers on YouTube are another matter.

The elites have known and acted on this understanding all along. They’re not perfect but they understand the human herd animals around them are much less so. That’s why they designed religions that offer an easy way out.

The sad disgusting part of it is not that the average sheeple is as obtuse as much as they’re just cowards. The question is why? A larger question is why is the patriot movement, ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians,’ also so cowardly that they can’t tell their domestic blood enemies what they need to be telling them: “GTHO of our country! You don’t belong here!”

We’ve had the internet for 20 years. Most now have smart phones they can use to educate themselves yet they still use them for mindless diversion.

Maybe collapse is necessary since as long as they have steak and ice cream and a big screen they probably won’t see the necessity of getting off their asses and actually standing up for something.

Quitting My YouTube Channel

FK – Read “The Art of War.” They’re defeating us without spilling a drop of blood. The religions are as much to blame as anything else.

I’m on the ‘side’ that says we should take our country back and conduct an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season to rid our country of our domestic blood enemies that are waging war on us and the Bill of Rights.

Stewart Rhodes calls for emergency summits by state, in preparation for economic collapse

FK – Those who are looking for a ‘perfect’ force or for ‘god’s army’ to save them will die of old age in slavery. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, and prepare for what will be required.

This is also posted on their site:


JIM ROGERS – Greece Will Collapse & People Will Be Terrified

FK – Great empires seem to need good leaders and a submissive obedient population. Greece seems to have lost both long ago.

FK – Will the ‘anarchists’ consent to interviews? I’d like to know what their ‘real’ goals are… And please why do the Greeks not like Americans(amerikans)? I can guess….

Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

FK – Sounds like good news to me, if it’s true. All the cowardly whores and commie trash(Cameron) are leaving so we can have our country back. So it will be up to that tiny courageous minority to do what will be required.

And after we take our country back we can send spec ops to hunt them down around the globe and bring them back to justice.

Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.

Senators Sell Out America To The Highest Bidder

FK – How much longer?

FK – Why waste money on keeping the trash in prison? This is another fine example of why we need a granite gallows in front of every govt. building and a militia force in every county to make sure the gallows don’t fall into disuse.

The sheeple fully deserve what’s coming, for their apathy and cowardice:

Going To The Roots Of The Problem

Well, now, just who was this “John Brown” of Providence, Rhode Island, who ignited the Gaspee affair, and with its flames set afire one of the brightest torches lighting the way towards America’s War of Independence? After John Hancock of Boston, Massachusetts, Brown was probably the wealthiest man in New England, whose family fortune later endowed Brown University, in Providence. For his part in burning the Gaspee, though, Brown could have been convicted of treason and piracy—the punishments for which, if his ignominious death on the scaffold had not been enough, would have included the forfeiture of all his worldly goods to the Crown. (Hancock, too, would have stood in the shadow of the public executioner to pay the supreme penalty for his own acts of treason against Great Britain, had Major John Pitcairn and his Redcoats apprehended him in Lexington on the 19th of April in 1775.)

Although a shrewd merchant, John Brown did not organize the attack on the Gaspee because it was a good profit-making venture, a sound economic investment, or a clever hedge against inflation or depression. Neither did he mount the attack to curry favor from the political Establishment. To the contrary: From the moment he gathered his fellow patriots at Sabin’s Tavern, he stood to lose everything, including his life. His participation in the Gaspee affair was the riskiest speculation he had ever made or would ever make—under the circumstances, at least supremely reckless, in the view of the world perhaps insane. He was, after all, spitting in the eye of the entire British Empire, the supremely puissant “New World Order” of his day. Yet he—along with John Hancock, George Washington, and many other rich and influential Americans who wagered their all in the forefront of the fight for liberty—was eventually victorious!

So it is not impossible for the well-to-do to be clear-sighted, courageous, patriotic, and even self-sacrificing. Or at least it was not impossible then, although apparently it is very difficult these days. It should not, however, be too difficult, even today. For unlike John Brown, who in the comfort of his rich surroundings had nothing material to lose if he and his fellow Americans had simply sat down quietly under British rule, the wealthy among the middle class today have everything to lose if patriotic Americans—especially including themselves—do not stand up, muster their financial and other resources, and bring an end to the Federal Reserve System and the emerging national para-military police state. Because the Federal Reserve System will destroy the economy; and the para-military police state will clamp down on society in the aftermath of financial collapse; and then those who have wealth that can be stolen by political looters will have it stolen. Perhaps not as soon as tomorrow. But too soon for comfort.

FK – As I’ve said for a while, it won’t happen until the hogs figure out there’s no more corn in the trough.