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Gun Rights Champion: GOP Leaders Are The ‘Most Spineless Group Of Urchins’ One Can Imagine

According to Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment supporters are telling him the “Republican Party is an enormous disappointment.”

He continued, “People elected them to come and stop Barack Obama. They said that was the one thing they would do.”

“They are the most spineless group of urchins that ever could have been imagined,” Pratt declared. “They signed up for the job and now they’re MIA.”

Pratt is calling for more primary challenges to the Republicans who said one thing and then changed when they got to Washington. He thinks “we need 100 more like David Brat,” the college professor who campaigned, challenged and beat Eric Cantor in a primary last June.

FK – Mr. Pratt shouldn’t insult urchins like that.

Man with concealed carry stops slaughter

Harry Reid to retire, will not be seeking re-election; he served for 5 terms

FK – For once a piece of trash realizes when it’s too old and won’t die in office.

Harry Reid endorses Chuck Schumer to be the next Senate Democratic leader

FK – That’s like trading a leech for a poisonous snake. But it will be even more hated by middle America so that’s a good thing.

Kroger CFO: We Reject Moms Demand Action’s Push To Disarm Our Customers

Newtown Destroys Suspected Sandy Hook Shooter’s Home

[VIDEO] Rape Survivor Confronts Maryland Lawmakers On Concealed Carry, Leaves Them Speechless

Inconvenient truths about Jones’ successor at ATF warrant investigation

No great loss to 2A advocates as Harry hits the road…except

FK – Schemer’s arrogance can be used to our advantage. It’s hatred of middle America should be better publicized.

Zimmerman statement coverage highlights media shallowness

FK – The elites have controlled the newswhores for 100 years, then the commies infiltrated in the later decades and by the 60s and 70s there was no such thing as an ‘unbiased’ reporter, not that there really was before that. Most to all American newspapers were founded to support one party or cause or another. It’s more to do with human nature than ‘freedom of the press.’ There’s no mention of a ‘press pass’ in the First Amendment by the way…

Gold and Silver Legal Tender Bill Passes in Arizona, To the Governor’s Desk

A bill “legalizing the constitution” by authorizing the use of gold and silver as legal tender was given final approval by the state Senate in Arizona today. It now moves to the Governor’s desk for a signature

Introduced by Rep. Mark Finchem and six cosponsors, House Bill 2173 (HB2173) re-affirms gold and silver as legal tender in the state of Arizona on a voluntary basis. It reads, in part: “Legal tender is money and is not subject to taxation or regulation as property other than money.”

HB2173 previously passed the state House by an overwhelming 34-23 margin. Today, the Senate concurred with a 17-12 vote.

This bill would mark the first step toward currency competition. If sound money is given a foothold in the marketplace against Federal Reserve notes, the people would be able to choose the time-tested stability of gold and silver over the central bank’s rapidly-depreciating paper currency. The freedom of choice expanded by HB2173 can allow Arizona residents to secure the purchasing power of their money.

FK – This is the kind of stuff that starts wars. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m betting the governor gets cold feed and vetoes it…

Abolish The ATF ? It Is Possible. WeaponsEducation

FK – You should be all about our natural born Liberty, our most basic right. Our ‘civil rights’ are often what ‘they’ say they are… and ‘they’ consider us to be livestock.

Why didn’t you ask LaPierre why the NRA isn’t fighting illegal immigration? The commies want the illegals here because they know they’ll vote commie. What will that to do our ‘gun rights?’

I wish we could get every NRA member to see the light and join GOA, the ‘no compromise’ gun rights group. That’s gunowners,org

FK – THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! Read the Constitution! Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote. That’s what the Second Amendment was written to acknowledge.

The problem is the ‘sporting purpose’ definition in GCA ’68. Why isn’t the NRA pushing hard to repeal GCA ’68 and the NFA and ‘all’ the gun laws?

The purpose of the Second Amendment is our natural born right to kill government employees when it becomes necessary. Why are so many too cowardly to publicly state this simple truth?

Why isn’t the NRA fighting illegal immigration? The commies want the illegals here so they can get them to vote commie. What will that do for our ‘gun rights?’

Why isn’t the NRA training the militia for what will be required?

I wish we could convince the 5 million members of the NRA to join GOA, the ‘no compromise gun lobby.’

See links on this issue here.

Dietary recommendations to avoid fat were wrong, based on zero evidence

So there you have it, folks — neither cholesterol nor saturated fat are the health-destroying poisons that the government has long claimed they are. The real killers, as we’ve pointed out, are simple carbohydrates and refined sugar, which create an inflammatory response in the body that leads to cholesterol buildup in the arteries.

At the same time, the DGAC did not withdraw its warnings against so-called “bad” cholesterol, even though there’s no science to back the theory that LDL cholesterol is in any way harmful. Doing so would kill the multi-billion-dollar statin drug scam, and eliminate a major Big Pharma cash cow.

FK – Now if they’ll re-evaluate their findings on beer, ice cream and fudge brownies…

Apple Wants You to Get Accustomed to Real-time Tracking

Tech giant Apple is not coy about it. They want you to get used to real-time tracking. That’s why they are changing Find My Friends to Track My Friends.

A patent granted to the company on Tuesday by the government describes a process that allows a user of a mobile device to view a visual representation of the movement of a person with another device.

“For example, someone is going for a hike or a trip and wants you to stay informed of his or her whereabouts,” CNet explains. “That person would enable a feature on a mobile device to allow you to see and track in real time the path being taken on your own mobile device or computer. On the flip side, you could also share your route so the two of you can stay abreast of each other’s ongoing location.”

Also on the flipside, this information could be “shared” with the NSA and possibly local police. The mega-surveillance agency already has a number of tracking programs in place — such as “Boundless Informant,” a tool that tracks information across the internet — and police departments are using Stingray and Hailstorm technology to track cell phone calls.

FK – Don’t fear the tech, fear the abuse of the tech. Time to demand this is stopped… Yes we can.

Imperial Star Destroyer drone patrols the skies above France

Car Tech 101: Hacking a car: Is it really that easy?

Washington just dipped into retirement savings to fund itself

You know things are getting bad when your government begins to stick its hand into retirement accounts just so that it can remain solvent for a few more months.

With the debt limit about to come back into full swing at a staggering $18.1 trillion this week, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has undertaken drastic measures to kick the can down the road until later this year.

One such plan to fund the government includes raiding the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), a 401(k)-style retirement savings plan set up for federal employees.

Specifically, the Treasury wants to go after the G Fund, the largest fund in the plan, which contains Treasury securities that help to finance the national debt. As of last month, those securities in the G Fund make up $193.3 billion of the $451.7 billion of investments in the TSP.

FK – When the governments are finally forced to admit they’re broke everything will change…

What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?

FK – I’d get my DNA analyzed in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Supposedly I’m part Ameri-Indian and who knows what else. I don’t lie awake nights worrying about it. It’s time to get past all this crap and work for real Human Liberty and justice for all…

Jim Crow in the Holy Land

FK – In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives can’t be questioned.

FK – Weren’t most of the European ‘Jewish’ immigrants to Palestine socialists? Aren’t most modern ‘Jews’ secular Marxists? What is ‘Reform Judaism?’

Israel wouldn’t exist if not for the British and American empires and the Rothschilds.

Why couldn’t they have immigrated to Western Australia and created their ‘promised land’ there and not endangered the entire world with a war over 3000-year-old tribal propaganda?

FK –  So why did the ‘Hebrews’ sacrifice animals in their temple to feed the priests? There’s even a movement today to re-build the temple and re-start the sacrifices which shows just how insane the human race is.

The ‘statements’ were created by humans for their own purposes. Common sense says this.

The modern ‘christian’ god wants us to be good to our fellow human beings so he can threaten to burn them alive in fire forever? Huh?

The ‘golden rule’ is great until you meet someone who doesn’t mind being treated as a slave, then votes to treat everyone else the same way.

So why didn’t the angel who threw Adam and Eve out of the garden hand them a copy of the ten statements on the way out?

Why didn’t Jesus, the ‘son of god,’ have a secretary so millions wouldn’t die in religious wars fighting over what he actually said/meant?

If it’s about ‘freedom’ why do most mainstream preachers tell their flocks to sit on their asses and wait for the world to end while blindly obeying the ‘magistrates’ appointed over them and willingly paying a ‘voluntary’ income tax that has been defeated in the courts?

I’d be willing to bet the Pharaoh actually kicked the ‘Jews’ out of Egypt because he was afraid they’d end up running the place like they damn near do this modern empire. I say ‘damn near’ because we do manage to do a few things without the approval of the chosen unmentionables.

Even slaves need ‘self control’ to keep from doing things their masters don’t like…

Who are those who really seek to be our masters and why?