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“Few and Defined,” not “Anything and Everything.”

FK – The anti-federalists, who gave us the Bill of Rights, the document that makes us exceptional, were right.

Reading the Federalist Papers one tends to start muttering “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit,” under one’s breath as Hamilton wrote about all the dangers that weren’t there but that history shows have proven far worse than the antis could’ve imagined.

What the commie globalists can’t do on the fed level they’ll do on the state and local level. We shouldn’t be tolerating commiefornia or any of the other commie state and local governments. Trump needs to bring the troops home and for once have them focus on our real enemies.

Why the commie globalists want us disarmed

No sacred cows, or a new global Bill of Rights

Was the Civil War About Slavery?

FK – Now I know prager u is controlled opposition.

What percentage of southerners or southern soldiers owned slaves? What percentage of Yankee soldiers and officers were slavers? What did most of their letters home say about this? Read ‘The Life of Billy Yank‘ and ‘The Life of Johnny Reb.’

What happened when Lincoln issued the ’emancipation proclamation’ that only ‘freed’ the slaves still in territory controlled by the Confederate Army? Kentucky officers almost mutinied because they proclaimed “That’s not why we’re fighting.'” Many of them owned slaves. They were fighting to ‘preserve the union,’ by force. What are you if can’t un-volunteer for something you volunteered for? Are you no less a slave than those who picked cotton?

Read ‘The Real Lincoln.’ The republicrat party of that time was the original party of big govt.

Why did the Yankees invade the southern states? To ‘save’ the slaves and ‘free’ them? What absurdity. Only a child would think that as ‘racist’ and ‘supremacist’ as most ‘whites’ were at that time that they set out to kill 600,000 white soldiers and thousands of civilians to free the black slaves. The hard corp abolitionists were a minority like most political activists of whatever time period.

Did the big plantation owners who controlled the governments want to preserve slavery because it was the only economy they knew? Of course. By today’s standards they’re ‘evil’ but slavery had existed through all human history and still exists. See my column link below. We are not free here.

The slaves weren’t freed until the 13th Amendment was passed and they were raised into another form of slavery and then through the 14th Amendment we were all lowered into that same form of slavery.

As with all conquerors, our own empire, the Yankees who only won because they did have a larger industrial base and population and were taking recruits straight off the boats from Europe, and the ancient tribalists who killed the pagans for their ‘promised land’ an excuse has to be generated for all the death and destruction after the war as in “We fought for democracy, to free the slaves or to take the land promised to us by ‘our god’ regardless of what those other peoples’ gods had to say about it. WE WON so we must be right!

Might always makes right doesn’t it? The victors always write the history books and indoctrinate the next generation of soldiers so they’ll be good killers for the empire.

The uniform doesn’t give you credibility: The empire’s military hasn’t fought a war for Liberty since 1865 and the bad guys won that one.

And now that I’ve watched most of it, I”ll blatantly write you’re a lying sack of shit and proud killer for the empire and the banksters that run it. War is a racket.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

The patriot newbie guidebook

The Bill of Rights is what we’re fighting for.

The purposes of gods and golden rules

As always, we’re fighting the wrong war:

FK – We should’ve kept the troops home from Korea and Vietnam and had them kill the commies here first.

And from my must read/watch page:

FK – Hey, it was on Fox News so it must be true right?

The Founders Mandated Gun Ownership and Training Within a State Militia

FK – Being ‘almost’ a socialist is like being a ‘little bit pregnant.’

As I’ve been telling people we could win the gun battle and still lose the war. Our biggest enemies aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.

When an ideology seeks to disarm you that shows what it really is…

Australia: A Nation of Defenseless Victims

FK – So what does ‘never surrender our rights’ mean to the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group huh? Why don’t they have the guts to say what that will ultimately mean? What will the NRA do when hitlery or some other trash says “Turn them in,” or “Owners are grandfathered but they cannot sell their weapons nor leave them to their children nor teach their children how to shoot them?” and a commie SCOTUS agrees?

Our domestic blood enemies would be plenty satisfied with an inter-generational process. This must NOT EVER be allowed to happen.

The Aussies need to dig up the weapons they buried years ago before they turn into artifacts and use them to hunt and exterminate their “Liberal”(commie) trash just as we so desperately need to do.

Any whore manning a ‘gun buy back’ station deserves to be killed on sight, and will be. Those who helped destroy those weapons shouldn’t be safe in their own homes. They are traitors to their own people and to human Liberty.

4:33 and I can’t stand it any more. These sobby handwringers should’ve walked out their front doors and began hunting the trash that worked to disarm them. Now they are pathetic cowardly slaves who don’t deserve any respect from anyone.

When will the NRA really stand up and start working openly to organize, train and arm the militias for what will be required to fix this mess if it can be fixed?????

I’ve been asking this question for years and have yet to get an answer. Meanwhile trash that should’ve been executed for treason decades ago gets to walk around convincing mindless morons to vote for it to occupy the most powerful public seat in the world and maybe in human history.

I would be amazed if I hadn’t spent 20 years watching all this crap. Every day that goes by without millions of us publicly declaring what must be done and initiating the process of doing it is another day we spit on our Founders’ graves.

Well, some of us are still learning, if decades too late:

Military Wants On-Base Concealed Carry, Will Likely Get It

FK – This is why they want us disarmed:

German Law Would Give Police Power to Enter Homes to Check For “Refugee Suitability”

FK – Our domestic blood enemies will never stop until we force them to. There’s no such thing as a ‘right’ to enslave others:

Wisconsin “Gun Safety” Advocates Want To Outlaw Your Guns

FK – Because they never ‘learn’ but that’s not the issue:

Maryland’s Controversial ‘Gun Fingerprint’ Database Shut Down After 15 Years, $5 Million — Here’s How Many Crimes It Solved

FK – The issue is they are waging war on us all.

And another reason they want us disarmed:

At Least 120 Dead in Paris After Multiple Terror Attacks; French President Blames Islamic State

FK – So they can kill us with distraction while our real enemies with white skin work to help the fundie ragheads gain political power over here.

And once again our greatest enemies prove who they really are:

In Paris Aftermath, Salon’s Chief Concern is Conservatives

FK – I don’t ‘disagree’ with the trash. A disagreement is when a couple go to buy a car and can’t decide on a color.

Our domestic blood enemies are waging war on us. It’s way past time to get over our denial.

Gay marriage vs. KY (10th amendment smack down)

OK kids its review time. People have laughed at a KY clerk Kim Davis over not issuing gay marriage licenses. Here is the deal. Are you ready for an education? If Kentucky did not have a chicken shit Governor, Steve Beshear (D) and an Attorney General with no testicles Jack Conway (D), then Kentucky could have led the nation, instead we are the butt of redneck jokes.

It works like this: in 2004 Kentucky had in an open election that it wanted “traditional marriage” by a margin of 75% of the entire states 3 million votes. That made it a constitutional amendment, the law of the land in Kentucky. So, when 9 black-robbed-wizards in Washington D.C. passed of their “opinions on law” as law to the (corporate) US from coast to coast they have no standing, except what we allow them to have. Guess what the States are to be run as little countries under the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution; each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right. If we don’t stand up to the Federal Government under the 10th amendment we are going to loose our country.

FK (This is a fakebook post so maybe it’ll link correctly) What a tangled web we weave… No, not that this is deception but the irony of ‘states rights’ vs. the Bill of Rights. If the same idea is applied to the Second Amendment then commie states would be able to disarm their sheeple entirely. Wait, we have a state ran by commies but enough rural voters who are otherwise clueless to at least keep our guns. It’s likely we’ll continue to have yaller dawgs in the governor’s mansion and legislature. I’ve puzzled over this many times in the years since I attended a ‘watermelon bust’ in a western county several years back during the klinton era. I was told it was a ‘democrat’ event. They were all sitting around eating watermelon and listening to gospel bands. The sad fact is that for most of the population ignorance is golden. All we can do is keep banging our heads against the walls…