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How Lincoln Changed the World in Two Minutes?

FK – Lincoln at best was a politician like any other, saying whatever would get it votes.

A ‘civil war’ is a fight over a single govt. The Confederacy, like the Founding Fathers, many of whom owned slaves, was seeking its independence, not to take over the northern states or rule(tax) them.

The result of the bad guys winning in 1865 was that the black slaves were elevated into another form of slavery and the rest of us were lowered into that same slavery. Then the Buffalo Soldiers went out west and helped rest ‘native’ land from its long inhabitants.

That is war, or empire. Our republic really only lasted about 80 years.

The Powers who want to always be feel a need to keep lying about our history in order to maintain their place, as rulers, that they used the necessary force to gain and maintain.

So of course our military officers have to accede to this lie and others like it, as in the ‘National Guard’ is the militia while it could never be since its weapons are kept locked in government vaults not hanging on the walls or in the hands of American men.

Lincoln had no problem taking immigrants off the boats and forcing service via a draft in order to maintain his power to tax. He simply had more men and more bullets and better food and thus more bodies to sew on southern battlefields during his invasion.

So in reality we learn that ‘might makes right’ and ‘the victors write the history books.’

Would the Marxists, veterans of the failed socialist revolution in Europe of 1848, in Lincoln’s army want to do what must be done today and face down and destroy the cancer that yet plagues us?

Would the average service member understand if they were brought home and told “Our greatest enemies are here?”

How many officers would obey Trump if he did what must be done and brought the troops home and activated the real militias to do what will be required and remove the scourge of communist globalism from our nation once and for all, starting with the Marxist front groups, globalist NGOs and even fake ‘conservative’ organizations, et al?

How many troops understand that if they’re ever ordered to participate in what happened in New Orleans after Katrina their first responsibility is to the Bill of Rights so their first action must be to arrest or kill the officers who issued those orders?

Lincoln’s part in ‘ending slavery’ was political as well. His proclamation only affected slaves in southern controlled territory, and many Union officers almost mutinied because they claimed they were fighting to ‘preserve the Union,’ whatever that really meant to them.

So his effort to ‘free the slaves’ was at best propaganda, designed to keep the Europeans out of the war, and to encourage southern slaves to leave their plantations and seek the Union lines.

Why do you keep lying about this Prager U.? Do we already know the answer?

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What’s the ultimate question?

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

5 Reasons NOT To Join The Military!

FK – Uh, as in “We don’t live in a free country anymore and the military is actually fighting for the empire and the petrodollar and the military industrial complex?”

As an enlisted member when you sign that line you become their property. That’s how they view you. In a time of war for profit as ‘all’ wars are now officers are bullet sponges just like the rest.

If we had the govt. we’re supposed to have here I’d have no problem telling young people to join. In fact I think some basic infantry training should be required for all young people.

Who deserves to vote?

Politics, human nature, is a factor in all human environments, the corporate world and the military.

We should’ve kept our troops home from Vietnam and Korea and had them kill the commies here first. We need to bring them home now.

If the military were fighting for our freedom they’d all be here.

The empire’s military hasn’t fought a war for Liberty since 1865 and the bad guys won that one.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

The most important things to do

Don’t understand my bad attitude? Start here.

Chief of Staff: U.S. Army at 33% Readiness

In a speech last week, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno said that budget cuts were negatively affecting unit readiness in addition to downsizing the Army to historically low numbers.

“Right now, we are at 33 percent readiness,” Gen. Odierno said, referring to the Army’s 32 Brigade Combat Teams.  “What keeps me up at night more than anything else is that I might get a mission to send some of our soldiers and we haven’t properly trained them or given them the right equipment to do their job.”  Now at less than half the desired level of readiness for its Brigade Combat Teams, the U.S. Army should be maintaining 70 percent readiness, he said.

“If sequestration occurs [in 2016], for the next three to four to five years, we’ve moving towards a hollow army,” Gen Odierno said in a January speech.

Since Gen. Odierno became the U.S. Army Chief of Staff three years ago, the Army has shed 80,000 troops, with another 40,000 likely to be dropped through attrition.

FK – Sigo(a commenter) is right. But I must ask what if the general is just lying in the hopes for a budget increase? How is ‘readiness’ really defined? Readiness for what? A two front war? Civilian insurrection? Or just more of the same NWO corporate profiteering we’ve seen for decades?

If some are right when they claim the Marxist mutt fired the officers who won’t go along with its plans then just how ‘hollow’ or hollow headed or hollow hearted is the military?

Why Is the Pentagon Moving Communications Equipment to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex?