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Chicago Needs To Think Twice Before Begging For UN “Peacekeeping” Troops

So the One World Government crowd in Chicago thinks they are doing the right thing by requesting United Nations “peacekeeping” troops to patrol their streets to root out crime and dispense with firearms? If you only had a clue as to what you are asking for–well, maybe some of you do and the idea doesn’t bother you. You feel you are taking an important step into the corridors of potential One World government and if only you show the way, others may follow your shining example.

Though others may try to follow your example, they will curse you for it in the end, once they wake up and find out what you have unleashed in this country.

FK – All that stuff is probably SOP in chicawgo anyway… What with all the pedo scandals breaking out all over.

From the same author:

United Nations Troops In Chicago? If they can get by with it!

My version:

The cancer on America’s face, or why I do what I do…

US police killed more people in March than UK did in 20th century – report

FK – The numbers are likely true but ‘Think Progress‘ is a commie site. It’s staff and ownership should be kicked out of this country. Yes we can!

The amerikan communist insurgency will happily send the cops and soldiers it professes to hate so much to kill those who refuse to comply with their commie laws.

If you value Human Liberty when a piece of “Liberal”(commie) trash votes it votes to kill you.

Governments will always be able to get guns. That’s why we need to be better armed than they are, always.