Barry Bright: Let’s rearrange the deck chairs

Let’s rearrange the deck chairs
Barry Bright
February 25, 2015

During my first year or two in the patriot movement I worked for a preacher in Georgia who was a patriot activist of sorts. Prior to being educated by different ‘Christian patriots’ about the situation we face I had spent years being basically a-religious to often contemptuous of the mindlessness I often see accompanying what passes for modern Christianity.

My employer in Georgia had a saying he would bring out whenever he saw people or would-be patriots arguing or working toward what he considered to be frivolous things: “They’re re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

I almost hate to waste time on this, I truly do, but millions may be about to die because of 3000-year-old tribal propaganda. Even worse, billions of future humans may be even more enslaved than we are because their ancestors wasted their time in this world arguing over the meaning of various propaganda verses.

But then there’s nothing new about that. It’s not that I think I’m going to stop or even slow what’s coming. It’s just that it’s all so disgusting that I can’t be quiet about it anymore. During both Ron Paul campaigns for the presidency I would hear ‘Christian’ talk show hosts say things like “We like Ron Paul, but we could never support him because of his stance on Israel” or some such mindless garbage.

Well, maybe it’s not mindless. Maybe they’re just whores for the Zionists, more on that below.

This video and the story the caller mentions is what started all this. I posted a video a few days back by another ‘Christian’ who said basically the same thing. I simply found it amusing at the time, another example of how absurd their religion is since they can’t agree on such a fundamental bit of its history, much less what they do to and with each other, to include the killing of millions during the reformation that amounted to a European civil war.

For those who haven’t clicked on the first two links some documentary maker has claimed that the ‘temple mount’ and the ‘wailing wall’ are not the site of the original ‘Solomon’s Temple’ in Israel. I don’t pretend to be enough of a ‘biblical scholar’ to whine on about all the possible meanings of this but apparently some think it’s pretty important stuff. From the actual WND article:

“Every book I read said this is the one place that is undisputed and that we can really rely upon, but archaeology is not a science. It’s an art. You have to take a lot of things in to develop a conclusion, and then it’s your best guess. It’s not empirical evidence. I’m not an archaeologist. I have PhD in Bible and theology, and a background as a police investigator, so what I do have is a very well-established background in investigations. I used those skills.”

Cornuke said he lacks the professional constraints of archaeologists, freeing him to take more risks.”

Well, at least the guy admits he’s guessing, about an issue some claim could cause WWIII. Next he’s quoting one of the investigators, or propagandists, or opportunists, or shysters, whatever they really are:

“There comes a time when you have to force feed your mind past reason and logic to accept some of these things that tradition teaches,” he said. “Jesus said: ‘Every stone will be thrown down,’ and every word of His prophecy has been fulfilled.”

There you go, that’s the problem right there. Our current form of government, the one we’re supposed to have but have largely lost and will continue to lose as long as the so-called ‘good people’ are sitting on their asses waiting for the world to end, is based on reason and logic. Or at least it’s supposed to be.

Blind faith is supposed to take a back seat, if it’s allowed to show up at all. As far as I’m concerned it shouldn’t be. It’s pathetic. The same blind faith, which is unfortunately human nature that guides most ‘Christians’ of whatever version, sub-version or subversion put the Marxist mutt in the now red house and will lead us all down the road to hell on Earth.

We won’t begin to fix this mess until enough stop choosing from among the various forms of authoritarianism, of whatever dimension.

As is often the case the comments below an online story are often more interesting and useful than the article itself. In this instance I fear it gives great insight into the readership of World Net Daily, a website I once had great respect for, until they seemed to turn into hucksters for the state of Israel and ‘end times prophets’ of various calibers.

This first comment proves my thinking that many ‘Christians’ aren’t that far advanced(evolved) from the fundie ragheads they so constantly put down for worshipping their ‘false god’:

“Rhonda Renee Albrecht • 21 hours ago

You have a lot of assumptions and conjectures in your statement dear.”

Jesus was among sinners before and when he comes again the sinners left will be forced with a rod of iron to cease from sin, yet they will not be born of the spirit. At the end of 1000 years Satan is loosed for a season so that these people may be tried to see if they will remain loyal or return to their sins. Most will fall and be destroyed.”

This is all in the Scriptures for those who seek.”

Yeah, lets seek out how we’re gonna force everybody else to bow to our version, sub-version or subversion of morality. If they don’t be good we’ll just have to whip, uh, beat them into shape. There are humans who think like this. We’re still a very primitive species.

Some would no doubt return to burning people at the stake if they could. I truly hate to sound like some whiney “Liberal”(commie) trash attacking religion, but on this point they’re right. The problem is the “Liberal”(commie) trash are just Earthly authoritarians of a different stripe and they relentlessly gain ground every time some ‘Christian’ gets on his knees to pray for the ‘Christ’ to return and magically solve all her problems. Simple fact.

The average proselytizing ‘servant of Christ‘ will look at you with a straight face and claim their version, sub-version or subversion is right and everybody else belongs in the fiery place or at least in heaven’s low rent district, per this next comment:

“WowJborq • 14 hours ago

Your confusion is massive!

Yehova’s elect are the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.”
(Matthew 15:24)

That is who the believers are. They were the “Gentiles” mentioned in the New Testament. Gentile means “out of covenant.” and all of the dispersed northern kingdom of Israel were out of covenant.”

All of the epistles were written to those lost sheep, wherever they had migrated to.”

WowJborq gets into a sub-version most Christians don’t even know about. Some of the harder corps who claim this one as the ‘truth’ will tell you the Bible says anyone with 1/5th or more non-white blood doesn’t have a soul. I could be a little off on the fractions since I haven’t wasted much time dissecting that ‘interpretation’ of god’s inerrant infallible ‘word.’

As I’ve told some I’ve spent lots of time sitting around campfires listening to various, sub-versions or subversions, which eventually led me to the conclusions I’m stating here:

“Walter Schwenk • 2 days ago

Please share with us what this dis-information is?
What is it’s intended purpose?
I’ll be waiting. . . . .”

“Walter Schwenk marconi314 • 2 days ago

I’m only guessing, of course, like the present author. Perhaps to confuse the Muslims? Perhaps just to generate controversy and thus interest in rebuilding temple? But it is clearly, at least to me, disinformation, as the stones used in this wall, being decorative edged “Herodian” cut stones, of immense size, and therefore luxuriously expensive to quarry, would be totally inapropriate for a mere military facility. Also it would be absurd to think such expense would be undertaken to enlarge this spot when there was unlimited land nearby needing less improvement. The only logical explanation for a very high cost expansion of a small existing previous platform is Yah’s temple, because no other place would do for that project. Similar cut stones are also found in the “cave of Makpela” in Hebron, also an expensive Herodian project. This was no army barracks, this was absolute first class.”

Or could it be of benefit to the Zionists and their quest for empire?

I’ve read the new testament twice, and Jefferson’s Bible, grew up hearing it preached. Now it disgusts me when I think about what it really says. Time to wake up and grow up.

Mainstream Christians are looking forward to billions, including babies and children, being burned alive in fire forever and will look at you with a straight face and tell you, “you have no hope.” Pathetic. Even the ones who don’t buy into the eternal bonfire part will tell you the same thing.

The only real advancement the human race has enjoyed has been through hope for a better future for human kind. From ending human sacrifice to ending animal sacrifice to recognizing we’re not the center of the universe to maybe someday growing out of this ignorance-based notion that ‘It’s all about to end soon and you can’t do nothin’ about it cause it’s all written down.’

Future generations will look back on us with wonder as we look back on the witch burners. Maybe. It is possible we could backslide and start lopping off heads again, the old fashioned way. In the meantime we’re going to lose our Liberty and our Bill of Rights, that was written by men, like the Bible, only they forbade ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and enshrined the right to ask inappropriate questions and to fight back against those who enslave us in whatever fashion. And no, all that didn’t come from the bible. Obviously.

But that’s OK, we can depend on the old version of why things go wrong in the world to see us through:

“Bigindin • 2 days ago

false religions like all except christianity are the problem..
their satanic..

so is aetheism – satanic..”

And that explains everything in the big ol’ scarey universe and I don’t have ta think about it! Shucky dern.

Further down into the comments we learn what the real problem is:

“SirWilhelm FWiedner • 2 days ago

It has been noted how consistent painted images of Christ have been over the ages. The theory is, that they were based on the image on the Shroud of Turin. The images are those of a white man. I feel sorry for those that want to make Christ’s race an issue, when it’s clear it’s every man’s choice, regardless of race, to follow Him, if they want to be saved. It’s how they live, as free of sin, as possible, that matters, not their race. And if they sincerely want to be forgiven for the sins they do commit, they will be, thanks to Christ’s sacrifice. Contrast that with the choice presented to Muslims, where they must take an oath: “I swear: I swear I am a Muslim and Slave of Allah.”

Who, in their right mind, willingly becomes a slave, even for a deity? Where is the good? Where is the Free Will, the ability to choose not sin, in being a slave? Especially when the deity, Allah, orders his slaves to enslave others, and to kill them if they refuse? How many Blacks have been enslaved by the slaves of Allah, most of whom were Arabs, until modern times? By the way, I’m not a Southern Baptist, or member of any religion.”

“trurl SirWilhelm • 2 days ago

We are all slaves, according to Paul. It is just a matter of who is our master. You are either a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness. The Holy Spirit gives you the power to be a slave to righteousness when you surrender … not commit … your life to Jesus Christ and HIS righteousness. “Do you not know that when you present yourselves to someone as slaves for obedience, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin resulting in death, or of obedience resulting in righteousness? But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed, and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness. I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your flesh. For just as you presented your members as slaves to impurity and to lawlessness, resulting in further lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness, resulting in sanctification.” Romans 6:16-20″

Wow. A religion of willing slaves. Which is another reason it disgusts me now…

Time to wake up and grow up.

I’m incredulous, not because I don’t blindly mindlessly ‘believe’ all the arguments in the comments but because it’s hard for me to accept that so many will willfully waste their time in this world arguing over such absurdities.

But then it gets more insane. Incredible stuff:

“Ed Banter Judit • 2 days ago

Also when Israel had a King that followed the animal sacrifices which covered Israel’s sins, they did well.
Once a King came in that stopped these, then times were hard.”

Slitting a goat’s throat always makes your corn grow better. Ask any farmer.

But they’re not after any ol’ garden variety goat. It has to be special just as all their implements have to be designed according to descriptions in their ancient tribal propaganda.

The grilled steak is for the priests, who put on the pomp and pageantry for the benefit of the ignorant masses who are told to submit a portion of their hard earned, especially in those days, money, meat, crops, whatever.

And we have ‘modern’ supposedly ‘evolved’ humans who want to return to this witch doctory.

When the third and final temple is re-built I may have to join PETA for I can’t think of a worse waste of good steak, which will have to be ‘pure‘ enough for their primitive god to accept it in their ancient blood rites:

Impurity Retards and Repels Holiness

This illusive impurity is in diametric opposition to the state of holiness, man’s intended and desired aspiration. Thus one who is impure is forbidden contact with anything holy: he cannot eat of that which is sanctified; neither can he touch that which is holy. He cannot enter a sanctified area; for this reason an individual who has been exposed to death is forbidden to enter the sanctified area of the Temple Mount until he undergoes the proscribed process of purification… sprinkling by the ashes of the red heifer. Impurity indicates a spiritual imbalance, and the Temple is the place which restores this balance.”

Gee, that must be how those evil pagan Roman soldiers entered the temple, stole and transported its artifacts to Rome after leaving not one stone upon another.

Somebody made all these stories up people! Grow up! The bible is ancient esoterica, written to control the masses and relay hidden information to the initiated, i.e. the priests as in ‘How are we gonna keep these dupes bringing us steak and patty cakes and handing us billions of their tax dollars so we can build our mid-east empire?’

Some I think, may have other goals in mind when they push their ‘interpretations'(partial quote of a comment):

“NO FEAR OF THE STORM. Here are the implications of a proper understanding of Daniel’s 70 weeks: Now that we realize that the 70 weeks have already been fulfilled, we need no longer fear a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine. Such a treaty would have absolutely nothing to do with the manifestation of the Antichrist’s infernal presence, nor the approach of the Tribulation.

Nor do we need to help build a Jewish temple in Jerusalem, or try to start World War 3 by blowing up the Muslim mosque that is there now. Our job is to build New Testament churches, not to help construct a temple for animal sacrifices, which according to the epistle to Hebrews would be an act of apostasy against Christ.”

Some Christians have developed an unhealthy and unscriptural fixation on the belief that there must be devastating conflicts in the Middle East that will result in the demolition of the Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem and the slaughter of millions of Jews, in order that the “ancient prophecies” may be fulfilled.”

This type of deluded thinking is a bad testimony and it makes all fundamentalist Christians look like a bunch of enthusiasts for war and destruction. It may help explain the knee-jerk support, from some elements of the “Christian Right,” for American involvement in any war or “pre-emptive first strike” anywhere in the Middle East, for any reason or no reason.”

In reality, there is nothing in the book of Daniel, or anywhere else in the Bible, that says that there must be a temple with animal sacrifices in Jerusalem, or a mass slaughter of the Jews, in order for Christ to be able to return.”

Maybe that guy has the right idea: Try to steer the ignorant away from stupid mindless activities by using their own verses. I just don’t have the patience for that. Plus a lot of them, like he said, want all the drama.

The fact they can’t agree on what their ancient propaganda actually means shows what a jumbled poorly written mess it is, by various authors over a long period of time who were dreaming up their version of what ‘god’ is, was, or should be.

As I said to someone who was recently trying to ‘witness’ to me: “Jesus was allegedly the son of god and he couldn’t write down what he meant for us all to know, or at least have a secretary?”

Give me a break.


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  1. Marty Commins

    Although I believe the Bible is far more than tribal propaganda I recently had an “aha” moment while reviewing the historical evidence for Jesus. There is nothing; nada, zilch, zero evidence that he existed as a real person. Furthermore it occured to me that if the creator is the source of all life he would not require sacrifice of animals or humans. Only an entity cut off from the source of all life needs sacrifice as he could steal the life force that is in the blood of the victims. Therefore the god of the old testament could not possible be the creator.
    The fact that this planet is run by a Satanic Cult whereby the elite psychopaths start and end wars on the high holy days of ritual human sacrifice from various “pagan” holidays should be enough to convince a person of the nature of the consciousness at work behind the scenes.

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