Zionism Is Racism!

FK – The real question might be who or what really started all this and/or why and does it still matter? We know what the evangelicals would answer, but what is the reality?

Are money and subterfuge and religion(but I repeat myself)  the only tools they use in our subjugation or do they have other means at their disposal?

I wouldn’t want to see the ‘white’ race disappear, though I think the only danger of that is generations down the road if the undeveloped races keep breeding and we don’t. But population seems to be on the decline in Europe and here.

Not sure of the rates in Africa and Asia. I do think there are too many people. Yeah we could fit everyone into Texas but who the hell wants to exist like that, especially in Texas? Well, East Texas has hills and is pretty country.

The best and the brightest should be having children but the opposite is true.

Most ‘white’ people are mutts anyway, in this country. The English used to consider the Irish to be a separate race and on and on. I don’t have a conniption fit if I see a mix-raced couple. I know the smarter dog is often a mutt.

FK – And another version:

FK – These folks may genuinely believe they’re searching for ‘truth.’ But how sad, when we’re losing our country and the Bill of Rights, which is what really makes us exceptional, that so many are still arguing over 3000-year-old tribal propaganda that was written over a long period of time by a lot of different people so they could push their version of what god/man/religion whatever is/was/is supposed to be. Time to wake up and grow up and stand up and stop waiting for the world to end.