Barry Bright: Will Google re-mainstream the net?

In the good ol’ days when google was a new and seemingly innocuous force one could type ‘liberty’ in their search field and pull up numerous patriot, libertarian, conservative and other such type sites. No more.

Back in the late 90s’ the net, such as it was back then, seemed to be populated mostly by patriot types. There was nowhere else for them to go except gun shows and flea markets where a few video tapes and alternative magazines could be disseminated.

The short wave radio was effective to a point but so few owned one or even knew they existed. People were also starting their own mini FM stations, illegally of course but the times seemed to be desperate.

The amerikan communist insurgency had infiltrated all the mainstream news media. The New Yawk Slimes, the ‘newspaper of record,’ and a few other large rags were followed around by the national, state and local newshores like a bitch in heat, partly because they were looking to screw all of us and force their communism/globalism down our collective throats and partly because most reporters, especially at that time, were no smarter than the average sheeple.

Then of course Dan Rather told us communism was dead and that was that for MAD and the MIC until the ragheads allegedly killed only 3000 sheeple in a nation of 300 million and shocked a largely brain dead population back into some version of reality and gave the elites the excuse they needed to start another set of wars for oil, the petrodollar and drugs and global market/currency/financial domination.

After years of online activism I began to spend a lot of time on YouTube because it was one of the few places we still had real freedom of speech. Over time I’ve grown tired of seeing the same knee jerk propaganda spewing forth from the mouths of certain types of sheeple, Marxists, religious idiots and even ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians.’

All the ‘isms’ ignore those aspects of human behavior/nature they find inconvenient, without exception. All of them are wrong about some things. History shows the ladder of human liberty is climbed from both sides, or all sides. Human Liberty has evolved over time, much like us, though it and its progenitors are still very primitive species. So I developed what I called ‘standard rants‘ which I would post in reply to certain types of comments on YouTube and occasionally on Discus and other sites.

In October 2006 google bought YouTube for $1.6 bil.(FERNs). This past fall they starting seriously messing with one of the last few refuges for real free speech on the net, that might actually be seen by the average sheeple. When Google started allowing links in the comments on YouTube last fall I would always include a link to my favorite quotes page with my comments. Now Google has declared my ‘standard rants‘ to be spam and I was suspended for two weeks from commenting with a warning that next time I’d be banned from YouTube.

To the average “Liberal”(commie) trash and a few others I’m sure my standard rants look a little like spam because they are repetitive and include a link to my non-profit for-profit website and most importantly stress non-tolerance of those who seek to destroy the Bill of Rights and our country from the inside. I don’t really care. I’ve been at this too long to waste time arguing with idiots and trash that will still be lying when hell thaws out again.

My standard rants were also a way to deal with trolls. Plus if a newby to the patriot movement(loosely defined) is sincere about learning they can read my quotes page and if a “Liberal” gets all the way through it and is still a commie then I know what I’m dealing with, garbage that will have to be eradicated.

I went back and forth with google, to the point that it’s allowed. It’s their real estate and they can do with it as they please. But YouTube had seemed like ‘our’ real estate, a place where we could be as rude and insensitive as truth and reality often requires. But alas gift horses can sometimes throw their masters.

I told google to sell YouTube to a corporation that values freedom of speech. But then I’m not sure that exists. The corporations, like the governments they seek to manipulate, would rather have a population of desperate workers they can treat like jackasses who will do or say anything to get or keep a job. Simple fact.

So I’ve been doing some searches on google, the ‘don’t be evil’ company, and it turns out they’ve taken on the same evil, or at least mindless, corporate mindset so many do once they reach a certain size.

I told their ‘customer service'(loosely defined) I wanted off google+ completely because I never voluntarily signed up for it, like I never volunteered to pay an income tax, on any level.  But that makes no difference when dealing with the mindless robots that populate bureaucracies. They only regurgitate the rules and go on to the next troublemaker and since they’re trying to force people to use their product I can’t disentangle my YouTube account nor comments form google’s rules.

The only answer I see so far is to stop using google as a search engine and of course stay off google+ and to educate others about how much damage this corporation may be intending to do by mainstreaming the net and pushing patriots back into the twilight.

Someone on my email list told me about an alternative search engine. So far it seems to work as well as the big three, google, yahoo and bing. I lower-cased all three because as far as I’m concerned they deserve no more respect than many other huge corporate structures. They don’t call us ‘consumers’ and ‘human resources’ because they respect us as individual human beings with goals, dreams and desires outside their efforts to get richer. They do view us as livestock or tools to be cast away when our usefulness has ended.

Please let me know about any other info/dirt you know of about this growing monster in the comments.