Western states emerging as Second Amendment battlegrounds

On Saturday, as reported earlier by this column, critics of the recently-enacted ban on open carry in the Washington House and Senate galleries and during committee hearings in nearby legislative office buildings, will gather in Olympia to challenge the ban. Some will reportedly tempt arrest. There are mixed feelings in the firearms community about the effectiveness of such a move.

Some believe that all of this is building toward some sort of reckoning between gun owners and those who want to abolish the right to keep and bear arms, regardless what they say about supporting the Second Amendment. Ultimately, they may not oppose that right, just as long as nobody actually exercises it.

The West has become a battleground for Second Amendment rights. It’s not so much an urban versus rural phenomenon as it is a battle of values that was inevitable. It’s what the late Charlton Heston called a culture war. It’s not coming to a neighborhood near you. It’s already there. This year in state capitols all over the western landscape, citizens and politicians need to decide quickly which side they are on.

FK – A ‘dangerous criminal’ is presumably but not always someone who has been convicted of a violent crime and is in prison. If we have a ‘dangerous criminal’ in prison that cannot be trusted with weapons why are we letting him out? Why has the ‘pro gun’ community ignored this obvious question for so long?

We need to end the ‘drug war’ and free the prisons up for those who actually belong there. When felons are ‘trusted’ to return to society they need to get all their rights back. No person should be deprived of their right to self defense. If they’ve ‘paid their debt to society’ society has no business treating them like second class citizens.

But then we need to repeal GCA ’68 and the NFA and all the other evil ‘gun laws’ anyway don’t we?

The ‘crime’ issue is a red herring. Even if ‘gun control’ could be proven to lower crime it would still be evil.

All ‘gun control’ is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to more ‘control’ until full civilian disarmament is achieved. Thus all gun control is an act of war. All who forward it should be arrested, tried for treason against Human Liberty and executed.

JPFO had the right idea years ago: Destroy gun control.