Waking up is hard to do

Waking up is hard to do
Barry Bright
June 30, 2015

Some days I feel as if I’ve crash landed on a desert island and stumbled upon a couple of cave men, or a group of cave men, beating each other about the head and face with sticks.

This last week or so has been that way, much more so than usual. I’ve seen so many of the same old lies re-flung and so much of the same ignorance re-established as reality I found it hard to write about it, and still do for when I sit down to churn out a column I try to make my paragraphs mean something, and not just be regurgitation from the culture war.

I try to keep up with some general notion of what’s happening in the world around me, having stopped waiting for it to end long ago, not that it couldn’t, but only the still ignorant and pathetic center their lives around the possibility.

From the latest ‘mass shooting’ and the battle flag fallout to the SCOTUS decisions on ‘gay’ marriage and commie care and the natural calls for more authoritarian police state laws there’s been a significant increase in the use of sticks and stones commonly thrown about in our ‘culture war.’

It’s almost enough to make me agree with those who claim comment sections should be shut down because of all the ignorance spewed about in our e-political sphere. But not quite. As I told someone a while back, the comment sections are how we’re winning this war, but now, a few months later, I’m not so sure all internet activists are trying to take us where we’d like to go.

If politics is like making sausage, making propaganda in the internet age is like feeding that now famous pink goo through a high speed fan, or jet engine. Propaganda a few decades back was lies and truth mixed, now it’s run through a blender. The blender is the willful ignorance of the common sheeple, even of many ‘awake’ political activists(or paid trolls, take your pick).

The human race seems to be at an interesting age. I’ve been saying for years we’re headed for another civil war, but now I fear it will be such as the Reformation was in Europe, where millions died over whose sadistic asshole of a god would get to burn the vast majority of humans who ever lived alive in fire forever and after it’s over few will really understand why it was fought, as with most wars, and we will be rewarded with yet again another version of authoritarianism.

But, probably despite many proclamations about the future and the end, the ‘reformers’ and their enemies somehow survived, or rather civilization, loosely defined, survived, and here we are, ready to kill each other over the same old arguments and maybe a few new ones.

A lot of this is truly distraction from more important issues, but that’s a cheap definition. The battle flag is important because it represents an understanding of our history that many lack due to the success of our domestic blood enemies in building the government schools and universities to indoctrinate the youth in statism; and ‘gay’ marriage is important, though it’s a more complicated issue that won’t be solved by the culture war; and commie care, like most socialism, will ‘help’ some people but will of course grease the skids on our ever increasing rate of descent into hell on Earth.

Yet the reality is when you see a battle flag flying in a yard many still think it simply means the owner is a Klan member or some such. We’ve had the internet for 20 years now, so that is the fault of the average dumbass that still depends on a suited smiling whore on the weaponvision to tell it what to think.

Our domestic blood enemies, who have white skin and for the most part were probably born here and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, will use any excuse to force us at the point of a government gun into their version of reality.

But too many fail to understand they are simply defending their own version of authoritarianism and though they may be more ‘awake’ than the average dumbass they still have a lot to learn.

Waking up can be hard to do for some. Many get to a certain point and run up against a wall of reality that so challenges their indoctrination that they can’t scale it, or won’t even try because it’s safer to hide in the bushes and wait for the world to end or for their god or political savior to come solve all their problems for them:

“Since government has been involved in marriage, they have done what they always do — taxed it, regulated it, and now redefined it. It is hard to argue that government’s involvement in marriage has made it better, a fact also not surprising to those who believe government does little right.” – Rand Paul

I don’t pretend to understand all the ‘legalities’ of the ‘gay marriage’ issue as they vary from state to state. But if all they wanted was to treat their partners as legal equals that probably could’ve been accomplished without rubbing their political enemies’ faces in their sickness.

But their enemies in the culture war are as much to blame. We are still a very primitive species when so many call an obvious birth defect or mental illness a ‘sin’ and pretend it can be prayed away when some are so obviously blessed by a not-so-loving god with birth defects that don’t fit into the ‘mainstream’ of society and probably never will.

We have gone in my lifetime from one insanity to another, when ‘sex education‘ was provided years after it was truly needed, if at all, to one where little kids are exposed to concepts they won’t need and shouldn’t want for years.

In the church I grew up in we heard about Sodom and Gomorrah, but I had a very vague idea, even into adulthood, what a ‘queer’ really was or did. Only later in college and boot camp did I learn how green I was and in one situation I would’ve been better off if I’d known what signals to watch for. Ignorance doesn’t serve civilization, but neither does wantonness in the public sphere where others are forced to see it when they don’t need nor want to.

The culture war won’t get them the real help they need, or simply leave them alone to live in the best peace they can find in this cruel and dangerous world. But then many of the ‘gay’ activists are “Liberal”(commie) trash who aren’t interested in leaving anyone alone to live in peace and Liberty. And they’re too stupid to understand that when the system they’re trying to install comes to power it will find no more kindness for them than the current one, excuse me, the one we lost.

Maybe it’s truly time to practice some of that love thy neighbor stuff. But then, that can be made impossible when your neighbor is working tirelessly to enslave us all further, and completely, and when those fakebook ‘friends‘ vote to kill those who don’t agree with their evil agenda despite their arrogant claims of pacifism and hatred of the police and military, who they will cheerfully send to break down your door if you happen to think we’re supposed to live in a free country. And the basis of all human Liberty is the right to fight back.


We must stop choosing from among the various forms of authoritarianism or our future will be no less bloody and pathetic than our past.

And we must decide what is to be done and agree on some solid interpretation of what our country is supposed to be about. I think this quote pretty much sums it up:

“At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life….” – Anthony Kennedy

FK – See anyone you know in there?

After Years Of Research, Confederate Daughter Arises

FK – They get away with what we let them get away with. It’s all our fault…

Confederate flag merchandise sales up 4000 percent following major retailers ban

FK – And if that isn’t true, it should be.

Big Pharma responsible for another mass shooting? SC church shooter took psych drugs before attack

FK – Someone else has been sniffing glue, or something, and not actually reading his book:

FK – So whose version, sub-version or subversion will crawl out of the swamp next time?

And let’s not forget the unmentionables:

FK – The indoctrination machine is still doing the dirty work of it’s masters. The SCOTUS is not the final arbiter of our rights. WE ARE!

Most ‘Jews’ today are secular Marxists. Simple fact. As always if we have a group whose motives can’t be questioned, we have a serious problem. We have a serious problem.

This meme pretty much sums it up:

elite distractionFK – In reality, it’s all part of the same war.

flag of slaveryFK – And it still does…

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

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