Veteran Calls Out ‘Phony Valor’

FK – Stolen valor my ass. If the military was really fighting for Liberty I could feel sorry for them when someone ‘steals their valor.’ Walking around in cammies is not a reason to send them to jail or whatever the penalty is. If he were going around making money off false claims that would be different, but that would be fraud would it not? Let’s just pass a law against lying and fill the FEMA camps with “Liberal”(commie) trash until we can ship them out of the country.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

This pretty much says it all:


U.S. Firm Taps Ex Green Berets to Fight ISIS

FK – Finally, some honesty in what they’re fighting for over there. It’s not our Liberty. We need to take our country back and restore Liberty and the Bill of Rights here before we send any more of our ‘troops’ over there to die for profit.