Vanderboegh speech highlights gun advocate divide

Much is being made of Mike Vanderboegh calling an unsafe demonstrator a “moron” in a preliminary talk he gave before his main speech yesterday at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia. Contrary to some of the arguments being made, using that term for someone who ignored specific gun handling cautions is not equivalent to others who have invoked the word “extremist.”

Some of the detractors of yesterday’s actions are missing something big here in the rush to disparage and condemn actions they don’t agree with. And yes, no argument, more edicts may be enacted as retaliation against hard core protests by oath-breaking political opportunists we all ought to recognize as the true extremists. The thing is, these defiant citizens are going to disobey any future edicts, too. What government enforcers do after that will determine the reactions of those who will not obey them.

We’ve moved into new territory, or more precisely, been moved into it whether we want to go or not. And the only thing those who disagree with such direct tactics can do about it is side with the antis, the same people who would call them extremists.

FK – Maybe the guy is a moron. But then we have to slice and dice all the versions of that.

This is war. We’re gonna have fakers, psyops, idiots, double agents and on and on.

In the Militia we used to have a saying: “If there’s five guys at a Klan meeting three of them are probably FBI agents.” Look up ‘Hutaree Militia’ and see how the Fed Nazis failed to railroad them into prison.

Lot’s of ground has been gained by ‘working within the system’ that the Founders bequeathed to us. The keys are defining that so that we aren’t just playing dupes to our domestic blood enemies who’d call us ‘extremists’ because we throw a rock at a rabbit in our garden if it was advantageous to them and if rocks were all we had left.

The other key is being ready for what will be required. Our domestic blood enemies will never, that’s the ‘never’ that’s in the dictionary, throw up their evil despicable little hands and say “Oh sorry we bothered you, we’re going home now to live in peace and Liberty with our neighbors.” Won’t happen. They’ve invested way too much time and money in the destruction of this country and the Bill of Rights. They will not walk away without a fight.

This means that when they say “Turn them in,” and the first raids happen and/or there’s a ‘gun turn-in point’ we’re ready to respond with the necessary force to stop them dead in their tracks. Why hasn’t the NRA focused on this as they should have long ago? I know, it’s a rich boys club and they’re too busy maintaining the status quo, for a short answer. Plus a lot of them are simply cowards.

Whatever starts the blood war, and it might not be over guns as events in Nevada last year so clearly proved, we shouldn’t rush headlong into it, but simply know ourselves and ‘know our limitations’ as a famous movie character liked to say. If all the ‘good people’ got off their mental and physical asses we could take our country back, but it would still be a costly affair, for the “Liberal”(commie) trash are just as sincere about enslaving all of us as we are about preventing them from doing so.

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FK – If Fed or NGO or otherwise ‘instigators’ can show up and try to cause trouble at a commie rally such as happens all the time as it did in Ferguson why not at a Liberty rally? Simply don’t let them get away with it.