UN Pushes Global “New Deal”

From the start, the latest UNCTAD report makes the theme clear — global, centralized Big Government under any pretext is the goal. “UNCTAD’s 50th anniversary falls at a time when, once again, there are calls for changes in the way the global economy is ordered and managed,” said the UN outfit, founded in 1964 amid demands from Third World regimes and autocrats (called “developing countries”) for more wealth redistribution from Western taxpayers. “Back in 1964, the international community [sic] recognized that ‘If privilege, extremes of wealth and poverty, and social injustice persist, then the goal of development is lost’.”

The controversial UN bureaucracy, perhaps most infamous for its decades-old push to build what it calls a “New International Economic Order,” goes on to blast so-called “market liberalism,” more commonly known in the United States as free markets. “Almost everywhere in recent years, the spread of market liberalism has coincided with highly unequal patterns of income and wealth distribution,” the report continues, claiming that governments and international outfits cannot keep ceding more “space” to market forces. “As the international community frames an ambitious development agenda beyond 2015, the moment is right to propose another international ‘New Deal’ that can realize the promise of ‘prosperity for all’.”

FK – The UN can’t do much without the military might of the beast system we exist under.