Texas Man denied voting rights because of 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

FK – Sounds like commie trash running the pols. My understanding of ‘campaigning’ has always been for a particular candidate. Might be a good lawsuit…?

Or maybe not…

Or maybe commie trash writing the laws. This is a law from the old days when votes were bought with cash and bottles of whiskey. Now they just send out government checks. Are they afraid Amerika’s pacified idiots are going to get into fistfights or gun fights at the pols over a t-shirt?

One thought on “Texas Man denied voting rights because of 2nd Amendment T-Shirt

  1. Marty Commins

    He wasnt allowed the “privilege” of voting because he is ignorant of the Govt. We have. You wont find it in the Constitution. Look to Lincoln’s executive order 100 for the structure of the Govt. We have. Arguments regarding the Constitution are mute because in 1938 FDR called all the federal and state judiciary to a secret meeting in Washington D.C. where they were instructed to bear silent witness to the fact that the International Bankers did not want us to follow the constitution, that from that point forward we would be under the Uniform Commercial Code.
    The following movies and audio books on Youtube will help people get up to speed with this issue.
    Consent of the Governed- The Freeman Movement Defined (FULL FILM)
    ‘The Strawman Illusion’ – THOMAS ANDERSON
    America’s Secret Destiny – Ralph A Epperson (Full Length)
    The remedy for anyone violating our inherent Rights is found in UCC 1-207
    existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute

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