Terrorists are ATTACKING Right Now!

FK – Been going on for a long time now, as the average sheeple graze and breed and die. It’s up to that tiny minority as always.

Maybe you can find a verse or two in the ancient tribal propaganda that will get the modern mainstream ‘christian’ church to pull it’s collective head out of its ass instead of sitting on its ass waiting to get beamed up. How disgusting. But then I think that was what it was written or edited for to begin with: pay unto Caesar; obey the magistrates appointed over you; thousands of years of god-appointed kings that many don’t seem to understand we don’t have any more; be a good servant you’re gonna get beamed up soon and have paradise in the next life and on and on. Time to wake up and grow up.

Do you think the Founders had an ‘army of god’ to fight the British? Study some history. They had the same issues any army has. Thomas Paine railed against the mainstream version of Christianity of that day. Many of the Founders were politicians and thus said what they knew the sheeple wanted to hear. A few of them stood their ground and insisted on a Bill of Rights that was supposed to force the government to acknowledge our most basic right, that of self defense against them.

Yes, ‘freedom of religion’ by necessity means ‘freedom from religion.’ History is transition, and without clear goals, restoring the Bill of Rights, re-enforcing and expanding Human Liberty which recognizes true ‘free will,’ not a choice between eternal slavery or eternal torture, then yes we may very well descend into chaos and a new dark age. But that’s happening anyway. Nobody’s gonna come beam us up and even if they are we should be deeply ashamed of  waiting for someone else to come solve our problems for us.

The modern version of Liberty did not come only from the ancient tribal propaganda. Those ideas had several sources.

What started his ordeal:

FK – These black-robed shysters have way too much power. All court proceedings should be live-streamed by law. It’s way past time to make that happen.

I commend these men’s bravery but I cannot recommend similar action. The average dumbass sheeple working in the ‘just-us’ system probably doesn’t understand it and only cares about their retirement plans. A very corrupt local system could very easily twist some ‘protest’ into a felony charge.

I just personally think we need patriots working to awaken more sheeple, working as citizen lobbyists and helping to build the militias we will ultimately be forced to use to keep what Liberty we have left or to stop some future tyrannical power grab by a desperate elite.

A First or Second Amendment without the courage to use it is a toy that can be regulated and taken. If they can turn this into a court case that will really make a difference more power to them. But I know I can’t afford to do such and neither can most.

The First Amendment doesn’t mention a ‘press pass.’ We are all ‘the press,’ especially nowadays with the internet, personal computers and smart phones. Time for the old system and mentality to die.