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1977: It made us think.. Southern Television Broadcast Interruption

FK – What exactly happens when a mind ‘boggles?’

Like our own commie globalist trash, if they demand we surrender our weapons we know they are our enemies and must be destroyed.

Why the commie globalists want us disarmed

The only real reason for the militia

The most important things to do

The cancer on America’s face, or why I do what I do…

A new birth of Liberty, or death


My View on Racism – The Root Cause That NOBODY Seems to Discuss

FK – The amerikan communist insurgency targets any minority with real or imagined issues for political exploitation. That’s what it’s about.

This world can’t be ‘fixed,’ whatever that means, until we stop choosing from among the various versions of authoritarianism while maintaining the ability to recognize, fight and destroy said authoritarianism. That will sometimes or usually mean killing the bastards.

Pacifism and blind patriotism are far greater dangers than ‘racism.’

The patriot newbie guidebook