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Something About the Space X Launch Nobody’s Talking About

FK – A lot of ‘conspiracy’ crap is probably manufactured distraction. It obviously works. It’s easier to raise chickens and garden than fight the real war.

Prepping for slavery

It’s all about controlling the message. Have the thousands of sheeple who’ve watched rockets launch at Cape Canaveral over the last 50+ years been deceived? Why waste billions on a deception program when the tool-using monkeys were plenty deceived and well controlled long before some Army general said airplanes would never have a military purpose?

Why hire ‘crisis actors’ to create an event when a couple extra shooters would be so much cheaper?

The flat earth thing has to be psyop or some university experiment to see how many dunderheads we really have. Man has gone to the moon and will go to space if the species survives as long as we’re not stopped from doing so by the watchers.

The alt. is what? Some version, subversion or subversion of the insane religions our cultures have clung to all this time? Being avatars in some cosmic teen’s phablet?

I’ve wasted my time in exchange for money often enough at Amazon to know I don’t want some creature like Bezos totally in charge of human space exploration. But then if the govt. is only in charge we’ll eventually be taxed for every time we look up at the stars.

This kind of subsidized corruption goes back at least to the railroads built just after the bad guys won that ‘un-pleasantness’ of the mid 19th century. Read ‘The Real Lincoln.’

Then there’s the part of me that says we should at least get a good hard copy of our Bill of Rights, the document that makes us exceptional, off planet before the next dinosaur killer finds its mark.

It didn’t take the corporations long to figure out how to profit from the eco commie front either did it? Search ‘carbon credits.’

How much land does the ‘Nature Conservancy’ own?

I’m personally convinced ‘they’ are experimenting with craft and tech way beyond what Musk is doing publicly. So the question is why both?

The income tax, placed on the working poor during WWII, after being promised as a tax on the super rich 30 years earlier, is perhaps the best evidence the banksters, the global elites, created ‘communism’ as another tool of control. But like many other monsters they build it’s taken on a life of its own. When millions to billions believe in a falsehood to the point they’re will to kill you or see you burned alive in fire forever over it that makes it very real.

All the trolls in the comments prove that last one.

What’s the ultimate question?

A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”

$21 Trillion Missing from US Federal Budget

FK – Apparently he’s never heard the words “black budget project.’

Sic the IRS on them. They’re supposed to be good at tracking other people’s money. Send them off planet, where a lot of this may actually be going. But they probably work for them.

I have a BA in bullshit and a PhD in cynicism but I still realize that 20 trillion is much more than “A lot of money.” I think there are some graphs online that illustrate what a trillion is. For those of us who struggle to pay our basic bills it’s unimaginable. Yet our governments owe more to the global banksters than can possibly be paid back by multiple generations.

‘Money’ has always been what the tool-using monkeys decide it is and those who consider us to be livestock base their fortunes on our future labor. Good luck with that.

Evil competence is a good thing?

And it’s a ‘representative republic!’ READ THE DAMN CONSTITUTION!

The ‘just-us’ system does what it will. The ‘rule of law’ means nothing to them except a handy shellac to paint their evil with when it’s available. Otherwise they ignore their own evil deeds while the average sheeple grazes and breeds its way through this existence.

The words are ‘We the People’ not ‘us the rulers.’ But thanks to the commie indoctrination centers called govt. schools and universities and the prostituted preachers telling their flocks to sit on their asses and do nothing instead of meeting them out front of the church with their weapons as the Founders did the average dumbass has no understanding of that.

Let’s hope our ‘democracy‘ is threatened and destroyed.

Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

The most important things to do

The only real reason for the militia

Speaking of the devils:

FK – ‘A heavy progressive income tax’ is the second plank of The Communist Manifesto. That’s enough reason to tell them to shove it.

The tool-using monkeys are many multiple generations from being able to handle ‘anarchy.’ Anarchy means there would be assholes you would have to kill. Kinda like now.

Yet the income tax when passed only targeted the top one percent, who created it and the 16th Amendment was never ratified by enough states to become law. During WWII the rest of the jackasses were harnessed into the system and thus made into slaves while our young men were ‘dying for democracy’ in Europe, Africa and the Pacific.

Those who will ‘provide superior services’ will in turn demand a way to track us in every instance of our existences here for they don’t call us ‘human resources’ or ‘consumers’ and treat us as products because they respect us as human beings. They will replace us all with robots as soon as they can then provide a UBI and soon after demand we ‘follow the rules’ to keep the money coming in.

Bitcoin and other ‘currencies,’ essentially ones and zeroes in cyberspace, may be part of their plan after all. For they will not let such enterprises remain outside their control for long. The average sheeple probably won’t be able to afford to participate anyway.

So will we divide into two separate sub-species, those who make their subsistence from the dirt as our ancestors did vs. those who fly around in the anti-grav craft and eventually keep such a distance from the herd that the herd wonders if they really exist or not?

Or did that already happen?

The big question is when will mainstream scientists(and preachers/priests/churches) stop lying and when will we stop lying to ourselves?

Disclosure, or exopolitics is now a thing…

The purposes of gods and golden rules

The full vid he referenced:

FK – This vid could use a little more clarification. In the old days a farmer without a bull would take his cow to a neighbor’s farm to get a bull to ‘serve’ his cow. Think about it.

It’s time we ‘served’ back. But there are no men here.

What is a man, really?