State legislators lead effort to diversify Article V Convention movement

In a letter made public today, Democratic state legislators Sen. Jason Holsman of Missouri and Rep. Raymond Dehn of Minnesota have reached out to several lawmakers around the country to join in their effort to call the nation’s first amendatory convention, or, “Article V Convention.” Holsman and Dehn are members of the Assembly of State Legislatures (ASL) which has conducted several organizational meetings including their 2013 kickoff under the rubric, “Mt. Vernon Assembly.” Citing wide popular dissatisfaction with gridlock and Federal overreach, the two previous gatherings have centered on crafting operating procedures for a future Article V Convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The letter, addressed to “Democratic Leaders,” invites those with a “skill-set for negotiations and an interest in working for real reform” to ASL’s next meeting slated for Dec. 8-9, 2014, at the Naval Heritage Center in Washington D.C.

The Article V movement has seen significant growth in the last few years with most of the recent energy coming from conservative, Tea Party, and Libertarian ranks. To illustrate this fact, the last ASL meeting was attended by 109 state legislators but only 11 were Democrats with even fewer minorities or women. This prompted Sen. Holsman to announce, “we need to change the complexion of this room”—a view evidently supported by ASL co-founder, Republican Rep. Chris Kapenga of Wisconsn.


Sometimes referred to as the “Fiver movement,” efforts toward an Article V Convention have been supported by a broad range of reformists from both conservative and progressive ranks. Groups such as Convention of States (CoS), Friends of the Article V Convention (FOAVC), Move to Amend, Wolf-PAC,, Compact for America, and others calling for a convention have been supported by national figures such Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), Glenn Beck, Gore Vidal, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Cenk Ungar, conservative radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity with FOX.

It’s a colorful group to be sure, but these convention cheerleaders, as a whole, cite several reforms which enjoy broad, popular support; including: Balanced Budget Act; repeal Citizens United; gerrymandering reform; term limits; and independent verification of ballot results (among others). In fact, there have been hundreds of state applications sent to Congress for these reasons and more but Congress has refused to even count them. Some say Congress is violating its oath of office—a felony offense—by ignoring Article V.

FK – My posted comments:

Only one way I’ll go along with this: A militia encampment outside the front door with this charge – If any delegates threaten to weaken or eliminate any of the Bill of Rights they are to immediately be dragged out to the front lawn by their heels, given a speedy treason trial not to exceed two minutes and immediately executed.

Inviting the commies to a ‘con-con’ will be the death knell for what is left of this country and what few liberties we have left.

Oh, and ‘progressive’ means “Liberal”(commie) trash which should be chased from our lands with those refusing to leave a place they hate and don’t belong in being eradicated. The amerikan communist insurgency has infiltrated a lot of ‘conservative’ groups and rendered them inert and even dangerous.

FK – Even after all these years it is completely beyond my comprehension why we aren’t hunting and eradicating our domestic blood enemies. My only answer is that the average sheeple is a pathetic cowardly ignorant moron with a slave mentality that fully deserves to be treated like a slave.