South Carolina Consents to Immigration Law Enforcement Bar

South Carolina agreed to a court order blocking enforcement of state immigration laws including a provision that allowed detention of people suspected of being in the U.S. illegally while their status was reviewed.

The laws, similar to those adopted in Arizona, Alabama and elsewhere, were part of a package known as Act 69 signed into law by Republican Governor Nikki Haley in 2011 and then attacked in separate lawsuits by the U.S. and a coalition of immigrant rights groups.

FK – The commies want the illegals here so they can get them to vote commie. These two paragraphs tell it all:

Michelle LaPointe, an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, called the outcome “a victory” both for those who challenged the laws and for everyone in South Carolina.

“Three years ago, South Carolina became one of several southern states that attempted to legislate away people’s constitutional rights,” she said in a statement. “We are glad that the most egregious portions of this mean-spirited law will be permanently blocked.”

FK – The SPLC is a Marxist front group and has worked for decades to destroy this country. ‘Mean-spirited’ is of course an ameri-commie key phrase used to control the weak minded.