Secret Service experts worry about Obama’s safety

Palamara told WND he is concerned that patterns of Secret Service misconduct he has documented in JFK’s Secret Service detail prior to the assassination are being repeated in Obama’s presidential detail.

“I’m seeing even among the Secret Service a dislike, if not a hatred for President Obama,” he said.

Palamara said there are members of the Secret Service who don’t like President Obama, just as some didn’t like President Kennedy.

“Many in the Secret Service in the JFK era did not like President Kennedy’s womanizing or his position on civil rights, or maybe his policies toward Cuba,” he said. “But here, with President Obama, the Secret Service is supposed to be apolitical, but the agents are human beings. I’m not saying Secret Service agents actually cross the line to commit a federal offense by wishing President Obama ill. But many don’t like Obamacare or Obama’s policy on illegal immigration.”

Palamara pointed out the Secret Service can put the safety of the president at risk by not taking actions they should be taking.

FK – My posted comments, if WND doesn’t ‘moderate’ them:

If I didn’t value the Marxist mutt so highly for what it’s done for us I’d suggest a vacation to the Grand Canyon or a Day Trip of skydiving or bridge jumping or maybe some skeet shooting or quail hunting. They could invite our erstwhile former RINO V.P. who helped Dubya drive the country deeper into MIC tyranny.

Before it was elected I predicted it would wake more sheeple up, anger more people to action, sell more guns and ammo than the klintons ever thought about and maybe with luck do something so brash and arrogant that even the most brain dead among us would be forced to understand the dire need we have for an extended and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season.

But sigh, I’m not holding my breath. We already have millions of reasons to do what will be required and still millions of pacified morons sit on their heads(the ones they apparently think with) and wait for the next modern gladiator event on the weaponvision or the big beam up or next tee-off time or whatever keeps their little minds occupied.

Oh for a nation of men who would do what will be required.