Secret meeting of police chiefs suggests bad omen

Underscoring the grave importance of that meeting three years ago is the fact that racial provocateurs have been planning this social upheaval for years. They were merely looking for the right time and place. A president in the Oval Office and an Attorney General in the Department of Justice (DOJ) to support them seems to be all they needed to hit the streets.

Most astute and informed citizens already knew the country was moving toward social and racial upheaval perhaps as never before in our history. All the signs were there. But proving it beyond all shadow of a doubt was thought to be well nigh impossible.

However, now there is at least one police chief who publicly confirms the meeting. She was there herself.

FK – What did Lincoln do? He brought in immigrants and used them as bullet sponges until his enemies ran out of ammo, food and bodies.

It’s way past time to get ready for what will be required.