Schools Quiz Twelve-Year-Olds about Gay, Oral, and Anal Sex

A public hearing is taking place Wednesday morning in the Massachusetts State House to look into a controversial sex survey given to middle school and high school students.
Developed by the Centers for Disease Control and called the “Youth Risk Behavior Survey,” the survey asks students as young as 12 a series of very personal and highly ideological questions.

The survey asks students if they are homosexual and if they are transgender. It also asks if they have had oral or anal sex and if they have performed such acts with up to six people.

Whether or not they have carried a gun, smoked cigarettes, consumed alcohol and how much also appear on the questionnaire, as well as whether they have taken drugs, such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. It asks how often their guardian uses a seat belt, if the youngster has a sexually transmitted disease, and where they sleep.

FK – Why does the human race have to go from one insanity to another? From calling an obvious birth defect/mental illness a ‘sin’ to pretending it’s ‘happy, healthy and normal?’

Every human should be educated about normal procreation as soon as or right before sexual maturity is reached. In other words if they can breed there’s a need for knowledge. Calling it a ‘sin’ is mindlessness and pretending that dangerous behavior is ‘normal’ is, well, dangerous and stupid.

The human race is still a very primitive species. We still exist in a very dark age.