Sam Youngman: Kentucky politics moves to a deep shade of red

For weeks, the people who are involved in politics on a daily basis talked about how bad a campaign Bevin had run, raising questions about his temperament, his honesty and his campaign strategy.

On Tuesday night, he certainly had the last laugh, and to his credit, he declined to take it, calling instead for unity in addressing the challenges facing Kentucky.

Bevin’s win can also be seen as a warning sign for national Democrats.

Conway was an experienced public servant who ran a gaffe-free campaign while raising significantly more money than Bevin did.

Bevin was an outsider, a Tea Party favorite with limited knowledge about state government and a habit of unnecessary confrontation.

None of those things mattered in the end.

Ultimately, the political environment was exactly what we thought it would be when Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

And it’s difficult to imagine that President Barack Obama didn’t loom large over this race as he did last year.


At least one Democrat was still optimistic Tuesday night.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo acknowledged that “it was a night that some of us didn’t see coming.”

“But there is a dawn tomorrow,” Stumbo said.

He’s right about that in the literal sense. But after Tuesday night, it certainly looks like a red dawn.

FK – Did you actually watch Dumbo’s speech?

I couldn’t vote for Bevin, for various reasons.

And this talk of ‘unity’ with our domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies, is worrying. Is he a faker? Is he stupid enough to not understand that ‘compromising’ with “Liberal”(commie) trash always means moving in their direction?

When you dance with the devil…

And this ‘red state’ crap is disgusting propaganda created by commie newswhores to hide their evil. The commie states should be red. I have an old clipping from the Liberalville commie journal from the 50s that calls the Chinese army ‘reds.’ How strange that now ‘conservative’ republicans are labeled such. It’s not strange, but expected. The evil trash in the mainstream news media always lie about what they are and always pretend to be opposite of what they are. Free speech is only useful to the trash as long as it furthers their agenda.

And this is ‘Red Dawn’:

FK – Only there was probably never any real chance of a military invasion. Our commie enemies were here from the 19th century and infiltrated every segment of our society. Rooting them out may involve a similar scenario…