Republicans leaving anti-rights restoration provision in appropriations bill

Despite a big win in November, Republicans are ceding to the wishes of Barack Obama while alienating their conservative base, political commentator James Simpson noted in a Thursday American Thinker analysis of the 2015 spending bill being negotiated at this writing. Among the dangers he lists include a provision that will allow for changes after the vote, along with continued funding for executive amnesty and Obamacare, with a special notation that “Provisions supporting gun rights were removed.”

“[B]etween 40 and 50 Republican representatives have already jumped ship and are opposing the Republican leadership,” Gun Owners of America told members in a Tuesday alert describing rank and file push-back against what is being widely perceived as a GOP betrayal and sell-out. “This means that at least a fifth — and maybe more — of [House Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi’s minions will have to be ordered to support [House Speaker John] Boehner for it to pass. And Pelosi has made it clear to the press that the bill will have to be altered to be satisfactory to her in order for her to provide those votes.

GOA stood alone among national gun rights groups in November, warning that passing the bill will result in giving Congressional Democrats control of Congress for the next 10 months, as the “so-called ‘long-term CR [continuing resolution]’ … would set policy and spending until the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2015).” Their solution was to call instead for “a ‘short-term CR’ into January, February, or March. This would allow the newly elected Republican Congress to set spending and policy for the federal government for most of next year.”

FK – As usual GOA stands alone. Where’s the “No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group, waiting for their tee-off time with bonehead and Pelosi?

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FK – Do most real Americans support an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season? That’s the question that really matters.

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