Reid: People who support Bundy are ‘domestic terrorists’

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is run by a Reid crony, one that Reid himself picked for the job. Immediately this smacks of conflict of interest at the very least. The BLM wants Bundy gone because Reid wants him gone. And why does Reid want him gone?

Because if anyone ever bothers to dig deeply into the truth, one will find a mass tumorous growth of corruption, the toxicity of which will immediately kill people with morals and scruples. Reid and his son Rory wanted complete control of that “federal land” for one reason alone — to complete their sleazy land deal with Chinese Communists who are building a multibillion dollar solar panel plant near the land that is in dispute. Obviously Reid sees the rest of the unused land as potential for another or perhaps many cash cows that he and his son can tap, padding the pockets not only of Clark County commissioners but the state of Nevada, the U.S. government, and that of Reid and his son themselves.

FK – There is no limit to the names our domestic blood enemies will call those who stand against their evil. Only cowards are bothered by such. It’s way past time to get prepared for what will be required.