Pop Tart Gun Ban Could be a Thing of the Past in Florida

Florida’s proposed law, according to Emily Miller at the Washington Times, has become known as “The Pop Tart Bill.”

The legislation got its nickname from an incident involving Josh Welch, a 7-year-old Maryland boy who was suspended from school in March 2013 for chewing his strawberry Pop Tart into the shape of a gun.


The House legislation lists the types of games that cannot get a kid into trouble, such as “brandishing a partially consumed pastry or other food item to simulate a firearm or weapon.”

Schoolchildren also will be allowed expressly to use a “finger or hand to simulate a firearm,” draw a picture of a weapon and possess a “toy firearm or weapon made of plastic snap-together building blocks.”

FK – What about toy soldiers and small toy guns that might inadvertently be placed into a child’s backpack? Oh my goodness…