Open Carry Near Michael Brown March

FK – It’s a matter of time till the more militant wings of the “Liberal”(commie) trash catch on to this and start carrying openly. They killed 200 million in the 20th century alone and have no problem using violence when it suits them despite their false claims of pacifism. They already have no problem using the black-suited Nazis to enforce their will upon the rest of us. It wouldn’t surprise me if much of the weapons and ammo purchased in the last few years went to factions of the amerikan communist insurgency.

This guy probably isn’t one of them:

Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson

Oath Keepers Guarding Businesses in Ferguson, Missouri: Calling on Volunteers to Assist

Gun sales boom on Black Friday: Almost 3 background checks per second

FK – We are headed invariably and probably irrevocably for what will be required.