NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Prosecutor Requests Delay in Shaneen Allen Case

FK – Yeah, let’s ‘reconsider’ an evil system that persecutes people and ruins their lives just because they choose to be able to defend themselves.

Dear ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group: The ‘bad guys’ need to be in prison. If they aren’t there’s a problem isn’t there? If someone is walking the street they’ve never been convicted of a crime or they have been judged ‘safe’ or ‘trustworthy’ to return to society. If they were non-violent offenders their most basic right should never be brought into question.

  • You are not the person on your drivers license, SSI card, bank acct. Ect. That “person” was created by the Govt. and it has No Rights. We complain because we dont know who we are. Wise up! Quit your bitchin and find out how their fraud works. Then take back your Power.
    Watch Slavery by consent, the human farm. Free yourself from the invisible prison of your mind.