Most gun owners appear unaware of or indifferent to gun group merger

If that’s true, the scarcity of comments, on the “pro-deal” pieces, bringing gun owners information they have not heard before, leads to the disturbing conclusion that the pro-gun community just doesn’t care that much about what happens to JPFO one way or the other, leading back to an observation I made in my first Gun Rights Examiner piece: “The inescapable conclusion is, had gun owners stepped up and supported a group struggling after the passing of its founder, its rescue would have been unneeded.”

“Wow. Way to blame others for the group’s failure,” one critic of that observation responded in comments. “I might suggest that a lack of support stems from a perception that JPFO isn’t getting much done.”

I might suggest that perception stems from someone who does not recognize the value of the unique lessons JPFO alone provides, and that if his opinion had merit, a shrewd businessman like Alan Gottlieb would have no interest in assuming the costs of turning the group’s fortunes around. I might suggest a person who makes a comment like that has spent very little time seeing what it is JPFO does have to offer, and on helping to support its mission.

I might also suggest that a comment posted on a message board in response to Wolfe’s initial piece reflects an even more troubling issue.

“I skimmed through the article and still have no idea what SAF and JPFO means,” the forum member wrote.

FK – I often meet ‘gun owners’ who’ve never heard of GOA much less SAF, JPFO or any of the numerous smaller state orgs. out there. The average sheeple only allocates a tiny percentage of it’s brain power to really thinking about politics in any way. Our enemies know this. BTW, I don’t doubt our enemies long ago infiltrated the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group if they didn’t found it to begin with. At best it’s a rich boys club despite their claims of members supporting it 20 bucks as a time or whatever. Most of its members obviously don’t understand the dire situation we are in or what will be required. It’s not that I haven’t been trying. But telling some people the truth is like saying the emperor has no clothes, when acknowledging such might endanger someone’s mortgage, bass boat, 50″ flat screen or NASCAR tickets.