Maher’s stunning admission: ‘Common-sense gun safety is bull—-’

Maher has said what gun rights advocates have been insisting for many years. What gun prohibitionists pander as their campaign for “safety” is fresh off the feed lot, and Democrats should stop walking in it.

Republicans may make political hay out of the Second Amendment challenge – it is an election year, after all – but it would not be faulty politics for gun rights groups to remind voters, especially those in Washington State who are now forming opinions about Initiative 594, the 18-page gun control measure, that Maher has called a spade a spade.

Henceforth, the “Maher Principle” just might cover all the bases when the gun control crowd panders for “common-sense gun safety.” Now, courtesy of Mr. Maher, everybody knows exactly what that is.

FK – Funny how the creatures just never learn, nor stop lying. Eradication will be the only ultimate solution.