London Calling the Middle Ages? The City Schools That Teach Sharia

Six of these schools are “independent,” meaning private. They are Ebrahim Academy, East London Islamic School, Mazahirul Uloom School, Al-Mizan School, Jamiatul Ummah School, and London East Academy. Most telling about the times, perhaps, the seventh transgressing institution is a state-run, Church of England school: Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat School. It is described as “Muslim dominated,” with 90 percent of its students being of Bangladeshi heritage.

And this Muslim domination has begotten Islamic indoctrination. As the Daily Mail reported Friday on the East London Islamic School, which is reflective of the wider problem:

The report found that although literacy and numeracy lessons were regular, with youngsters given some chances to take part in science classes, there were only “occasional” opportunities for the pupils to learn about geography and history, which were taught through the Islamic curriculum.

Inspectors revealed that one young pupil “explained to inspectors that he would ‘go to hell’ if he participated in music or dance.”


The U.K. has experienced a huge influx of Muslim immigrants during the last 15 years. This is largely the handiwork of the former Labour government, which, an ex-Tony Blair advisor has admitted, wanted to create a “multicultural” country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.”

FK – Oh the irony of human insanity. I remember a preacher at the church I grew up attending declaring one Sunday, after hearing about a big Baptist church in town that had a dance, “If this church ever has a dance I’ll quit.”

The same preacher baptized me, my second dunking, after I was once again scared into ‘gettin’ saved.’

Yet the “Liberal”(commie) trash Brits, and ours, are too stupid, or evil, to understand they will be the first targets of any raghead government that might someday come to power over there or here. Who are our real enemies, the men in the Trojan horse or the ones who open the gates for it?