Larry King on Ferguson Policing… and Nudity

FK – So the amerikan ragheads can run their communities? If you drive through one and break one of their ‘laws’ they lop your head or something else off, give your daughters clitorectomies and train your sons in jihad.

The “Liberal”(commie) trash communities can set up their Marxist indoctrination center, even more audacious than what they do now in the govt. schools, disarm all their opposition and hold homosexual ‘love-ins’ where all are forced to experiment with ‘alternative’ lifestyles.

The evangelical ‘christians’ can decide which version, sub-version or subversion they want to follow, can stone or not stone, that might be the question, force all women to wear dresses, keep their mouths shut in church and force all the ‘gays’ to convert.

But maybe I’m over reacting. Maybe not.

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