Josh Cook interviews Stewart Rhodes, president of Oath Keepers

FK – An interesting comment on the vid and my response:

teddybruscie 1 day ago
I see the problem here. He has a misunderstanding of what’s going on.

The issue isn’t a false choice, the issue is the people in Ferguson never had the choice to begin with. Black people have been discouraged from having guns through felony disenfranchisment laws that tell you that if your commited a felony you can’t own a gun. A black person with a gun has historically been a threat. We’ve lived with this for generations. We don’t arm ourselves because we fear we would be gunned down unjustly and we know the cops will fix the evidence and assassinate our character to justify their actions. So it’s a systemic problem. Our skin is already a threat, to have a gun would only increase that threat. Now you can say that that’s a false perception but black bodies are constantly seen as threatening and thanks to places like Fox News a black person with a gun is typically portrayed as a thug simply by how he chooses to dress.

As far as police presence we don’t have a say in that. Black communities have been a police state for a century. We’ve never had control over them. So the presence we get is what we get.

And if you look at the Ferguson report you would see that the police have systematically violated, suppressed and removed the rights of the black people in Ferguson to where if they were to get a gun much of them would be have been arrested. So people can’t practice rights that they’re not allowed to practice.

So he’s talking about choices we’ve never safely had.

And the reason there was backlash is because people did not know who they were so they saw them as an extension of the Police through vigilantism that we attribute now with George Zimmerman. So people saw them as a group of Zimmermans looking for a reason to shoot black people.

But my biggest issue isn’t even with them, it really with black groups like the Nation of Islam and the Huey P Newton gun club who should have been there instead of them. Who should have been out there with their guns and protecting the people of Ferguson.

waypasthadenough 1 second ago
+teddybruscie Sir, what political ideology has the black urban population been voting into power all these years? What color is their skin? Who are our real enemies?