Jeb Bush presidential bid would turn off principled activists, help Hillary

“But the Bushes are wary of the presumption of a dynasty,” the profile continues, citing a spokesman discounting the family feeling a sense of entitlement and adding “[I]t would be poison to a candidacy if that perception were ever to get out there.”

It’s a bit late for that. “”Read my lips. No new Bushes” is already a slogan being used by those who oppose a Republican Kennedy counterpart, and that’s not just Democrats.

“Jeb Bush’s tax stand could plague possible 2016 presidential run,” The Washington Times noted Sunday, citing opposition from within the Republican camp by Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist. “Jeb stabbed Republicans in the back just when they were unified in insisting on major spending cuts with no tax increases.”

That would be the same Grover Norquist who also wears a National Rifle Association director’s hat, that is when he’s not endorsing Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence award recipients. The thing is, as an NRA director who is working on the “Don’t call it amnesty” immigration “reform” con along with Michael Bloomberg and (the disappointing) Rand Paul, Norquist ought to be able to find a lot of common ground with Bush when he puts on his other hats.

That’s because citizen disarmament fanatics have attacked Bush as an NRA puppet, and he has been pretty good on guns, except for advocating ending all private sales that take place at gun shows. Plus, like Norquist, Bush supports… hey, somebody tell Breitbart they’re not supposed to call it “amnesty.”

FK – My posted comments:

“One would think the lessons of Bob Dole and Mitt Romney would have made more of an impression. One would think the Republicans would know better than to snuff out what few embers of resolve there are.”

No, sir, one wouldn’t. At least not one who’s been trying to pay some attention for 30 years, 20 of that spent as an awakening patriot. The republicrats are in on the game. They know full well what they do. There is a place for them among the expensive suits that must be hung along Pennsylvania, Ave or on the new granite gallows in front of the capitol building.

Well be better off with Hitlery in the now red house to keep the Tea Partiers and other ‘conservatives’ off the golf course, to keep people buying weapons and ammo and maybe waking up enough to organize, arm and train for what will be required.

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