In Historic Blow to Climate Hysteria, Australia Kills Carbon Tax

With final approval of the Senate on July 17, Australia officially became the first developed nation to repeal its deeply controversial tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, dealing a major setback to proponents of increasingly discredited man-made “global warming” theories. Climate realists worldwide celebrated the historic development, while enraged global-warming theorists furiously lashed out at Australian lawmakers. Analysts also noted that the repeal, shepherded through by conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott, could be a foreshadowing of much bigger problems for the widely criticized United Nations anti-CO2 crusade. 

Of course, the new Australian leader actually rose to power in a landslide last year by promising the public that he would repeal the economy-crushing tax on CO2 emissions. Despite opposition from climate alarmists in the Labour Party and other smaller parties — extreme Greens Party boss Christine Milne even claimed Australia would become a “global pariah” — Abbott was finally able to fulfill what analysts said was his most important campaign pledge. Because his conservative-leaning Liberal Party does not control the Senate, however, the Australian prime minister relied on support of other parties to secure the historic 39 to 32 victory.


If the tax had not been killed, it was set to increase dramatically, dealing another major blow to embattled consumers and the economy. In 2015, the anti-carbon plot was even supposed to become a full-fledged cap-and-trade regime, where “permits” to emit CO2 could be bought and sold in a “carbon market.” However, the entire idea behind the plot is becoming increasingly controversial even among climate alarmists — especially as horrifying atrocities against poor people across Africa and Latin America linked to UN and World Bank “carbon offset” schemes began making headlines in recent years.

At the global level, Australian authorities under Abbott’s leadership have also bucked the UN and its sought-after carbon regime, too. Last year, Canberra, the capital of Australia, even declared that the nation would not accept any more UN “socialism masquerading as environmentalism.” That means, among other measures: no more funding for international climate hysteria and no more taxes supposedly aimed at controlling alleged “global warming,” officials said. Australian leaders also vowed not to accept any more planetary “agreements” or wealth-redistribution schemes, though some officials are reportedly wavering.

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