How Tragedy could have been Averted in France

French Gun Control Turns an Entire Nation into “Sitting Ducks”

AK-47’s are very, very, very, very illegal in France.  Their laws are stricter than California’s.  And while it’s virtually impossible to legally get a gun in that country, most police don’t even carry them, according to Fox Cable News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Yet, this didn’t stop Said and Cherif Kouachi from taking an AK-47s and murdering twelve and injuring 11, right in the middle of Paris — yelling “Allah Akbar” as they slowly and methodically killed their helpless victims.

Gun control advocates like Piers Morgan have condemned the killings, while remaining strangely silent about France’s gun laws.

But in the wake of this tragic massacre, GOA posted a video reminder showing how concealed carry holders have stopped mass shootings in this country.

FK – We should have been killing the commies in France, and this country, instead of the Nazis, who in actuality are the lessor of the two evils. The Nazis haven’t infiltrated or attempted to infiltrate every public and government organization in this land.

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