How To Make Silver Colloidal – Morris

FK – I was told years ago to use distilled water, warm it a little and add some sea salt. Always filter it before consuming because allegedly the big particles are not good for you. Use a glass jar, not plastic. If I use plastic the silver solution turns charcoal grey after a few days and black particles form in it. I only take it when I think I’m sick or sometimes us as a mouth rinse as a cavity preventative but I’m not sure how good of an idea that is since there is supposedly ‘good bacteria’ in our mouths as well as our gut. If you use it very often you should probably eat yogurt or take supplements that replace the necessary bacteria in your gut. For the benefit of the shysters this is not medical advice. It’s only based on using this stuff since the late 90s with no negative consequences that I’m aware of and I think it’s helped me ward off severe vomiting and headache numerous times.