Hero or Villian? 5 Things You Should Know About Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus. Native American killer. Greedy gold hunter. Evil personified. Man who wore tights fabulously.

Did your ancestors immigrate from Europe or Asia? Does your past include the evils of slavery? Either way, if not for Columbus – you might not be living in America today. And did you ever stop to think about if a French explorer had gotten here first? You could be living in Canada 2.0…and eating snails. But you’re not. You’re welcome, America.

Sure, Christopher Columbus had his faults. The man wasn’t perfect. He wanted to make money. He wanted to make a name for himself. He killed Native Americans. He collected humans as property – an incredible evil accepted by society of his day. He wore pantaloons. So can anyone really say Christopher Columbus was a hero?

Here’s 5 reasons why we say “yes”:

FK – From things I’ve read over the years it’s likely the Phoenicians and much later the Portuguese and other traders made it to ‘america.’ Columbus was the first ‘official govt. sponsored’ explorer, kinda like Lewis and Clark. He didn’t really discover the new lands he just planted the flag and opened them for business.

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