GUN GRIPES #121: “Gun Culture”

FK – I’m not crazy about the ‘gun culture’ thing. It makes it sound as if our Liberty teeth are about recreation and the Second Amendment is about fun and games. It’s about hunting men.

I’ve always hunted and owned guns, since I was a teenager or really a kid if bb guns and toy guns count. But my grandfather who really was the first one to teach me to shoot only owned one 36″ barrelled 12 gauge in all his life and probably wouldn’t understand our modern ‘gun culture’ because of the ignorance many in his generation were raised in. He was born in the horse and buggy days and raised by people who were born in the 19th century and had a grandfather that had fought in the war for Southern Independence but I’m not sure on which side though my ignorant relatives who think it was about slavery would probably prefer he’d been a Yankee even though his family owned slaves. Sigh.

I do have a Confederate cavalryman on my father’s side of the family. And the Kentucky Yankee officers almost mutinied when Lincoln issued his ’emancipation proclamation’ that only affected slaves held in Confederate territory. But I’m straying here, the point is that when the coming war is over there may be lies told about why it was really fought for generations to come. The victors write the history books as they say, and they run the schools and buy the newswhores.

The old folks here in the sticks would look askew at someone carrying a handgun because of the stories of the violence that permeated the countryside in the decades after the war. I’ve heard stories of gun fights and killers from those times. In short the older generations were afraid for whatever reason to own or carry a gun for self defense. As with many amerikans it would’ve been beyond the understanding of most of them. That doesn’t make them right, just ignorant, as I said. Sadly many are still this way.

But the short of all this is we don’t need a ‘gun culture’ so much as we need a ‘liberty culture.’ Many who own guns and even go to 3-gun shoots would look askew at anyone telling them they have a right, duty and responsibility to be involved in whatever way they are able in a local militia. They are both willfully ignorant, of the real situation we face, and simply afraid of the consequences of really publicly standing up for the Bill of Rights, the document that makes us exceptional whether they fear estrangement from so-called friends, lost business, career damage or even imprisonment and death at the hands of the empire’s black-suited Nazis.

If we had the govt.s and country and men and women we should have everyone would learn basic military skills from the earliest age and no one too afraid to serve the Bill of Rights in the military or militia would be allowed to vote.

This marketing of the ‘gun culture’ as a fun thing to do on weekends is not necessarily bad, it’s just a million miles from where we desperately need to be. The aftermath from next Tuesday’s quest for the idiot vote may well prove this.

And what will be the result?:

FK – So what does this mean exactly? Are we to have the Bill of Rights restored, the gun laws abolished, the IRS and Fed shut down and the BATF Nazis and leaders of the amerikan communist insurgency and its globalist masters the CFR/Bilderberg et al tried for war crimes?

Without those things there is no ‘coup’ at all.