Gun Ban Zealots Offer Libertarians Choice: Police State or . . . Police State

We recently noted that ostensibly “conservative” David Frum blames the militarization of police on widespread gun ownership by private citizens (or by “the policed”–Frum’s term for theoretically free citizens). This is becoming a popular theme of late, to the joy, no doubt, of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Writing for the New Republic, Alec MacGillis has jumped enthusiastically aboard that bandwagon, with his “Libertarians Who Oppose a Militarized Police Should Support Gun Control—But They Don’t, of Course.”

MacGillis’ explanation as to why libertarians should support the violation of the right to the means of defending one’s liberty is a bit convoluted. Basically, the fact that most Americans can own firearms–including guns well suited for rather “unsportsmanlike” activities like self-defense and resisting tyranny–makes cops “on edge” (MacGillis’ term) . . . and thus apparently justifies teargassing and arresting journalists, aiming sniper rifles at citizens with their hands up, and screaming obscenities at them:(click on link above)

FK – We the People are their employers, they are supposed to fear us.