Grimes v. McConnell: Who’s the straight shooter?

In a local Kentucky race for state senatorship challenger Alison Grimes is running this ad to hit incumbent Mitch McConnell right in the breeches with the message that she is not a shill for the President, based on a photo of McConnell holding a muzzle loader over his head, in a way her supporters say is not correct.

“That’s not how you hold a gun.”

FK – At least Grimes allows comments on her vid. ‘Team Mitch’ would rather you keep your mouth shut lest you utter some non-PC reality that might scare off the sheeple.

FK – Hey you lying morons, The Second Amendment isn’t about collecting antique rifles or about rich folk shooting clay pigeons. It’s about the ability of the poor folk to hunt and kill the rich/elites when they get too uppity. More like this:

FK – Now that is a politician with a brain that is capable of dealing in reality. That’s the only kind we need and the only kind we should vote for. To the gallows with the rest.