GOA: Gun Banners Unleashing an All-Out Assault on the Second Amendment

Anti-gun liberals are about to unleash an all-out assault on your gun rights.

You saw Obama’s angry rant after the latest shooting in a gun-free zone.

The President declared all-out war on the Second Amendment, even suggesting that we should follow Australia’s example — a country that confiscated firearms from law-abiding citizens.

GOA in the News

Gun Owners of America prepared a blistering response to the President, which can be read here.

Subsequently, GOA was asked to address the nation in USA Today, and we have taken our “guns save lives” message to the airwaves all over the country, including CNN, Armed American Radio and Latino TV.

The President wants the eradication of guns to be his legacy.

And intense pressure that is being exerted inside-the-Beltway in Washington could coerce Congress into fighting on his side.

That is, unless we can stop them.

FK – We could stop them now if amerika had any men.

FK – Let them go for it. It will prove once and for all what our domestic blood enemies really are. Maybe then enough will wake up to and come to grips with what will be required.

FK – The innate arrogance of our domestic blood enemies, our greatest enemies, who have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, prevents them from caring about any reality you present to them. They will force us to force them to stop working to enslave us further.