Free Community College is a Bad Idea

FK – They want to go ‘all the way’ baby, all the way. The only limit to their insanity is the limit we force upon it.

They’re forcing kids to stay in ‘school’ until they’re 18 so that means they’re running sausage through the grinder without checking it for content and those who want to learn anything have to go to college.

Time to look at the way things were done in ancient times when kids were raised to be adults and not hairy children. When they turn 14 give them the opportunity to drop out for a while and work a job or enter an apprenticeship or some other ‘real world’ program.

We’ll not likely get rid of the govt. schools because there are too many herd animals breeding who’d never make sure their offspring learned to even read or write or do simple math. Simple fact. As much as it hurts to admit it the govt. schools do serve some purpose. The problem is we allowed the commies(who built them) to have too much say in how they’re run.

The govt. funded universities and colleges are no better.

And it’s time to require 3 things to vote: Proof of citizenship, proof of literacy in English and passing a test that shows the voter has a basic understanding of our history and the form of govt. we’re supposed to have here. If they won’t go to that trouble, and a lot wouldn’t, they don’t need to be voting anyway.