False Flag? WA School Shooting During Drill and Right Before Gun Control Vote

FK – What are the odds? Let’s see, there are 300 million sheeple in this country, possibly 200 million guns, and lots of assholes who desperately need shooting. No, for the sake of the brain dead, I’m not saying those girls deserved to get shot. I don’t know them, I wasn’t there and as a general rule that’s not the proper way to deal with ‘relationship problems,’ unless you truly have no other choice.

Our governments and evil blood domestic enemies are certainly capable of great evil. This is proven daily. But in a real world, a very dangerous world, bad things are going to happen and every event is not necessarily a ‘false flag.’ Our enemies are just good at keeping their propaganda machines oiled so they quickly spew out their filthy lies every time someone goes off the deep end or makes a mistake or does exactly what they should have done against the will of those who would remain our masters.