Ever Wonder What Your State’s Name Means? This All-American Map Shows the Answers for All 50 States

We’re pretty used to names like California or Texas, but do residents know what their home state names even mean? Two cartographers have dived into the original and etymological meaning of all 50 states and their cities.

FK –  When I was in school back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Americans were still proud to be here and proud of their pioneer ancestors we were taught that Ken tuck ee(sp more or less) was an Indian word for ‘Dark and Bloody ground‘ because of a series of battles between Indian tribes that occurred before the white man came. Another version is the Indians were fighting ‘white Indians’ that came over before Columbus. But alas our current commiecrat governor, I think he or some of his minions are responsible, changed it to a more PC ‘land of meadows’ or some silly crap. There were several tribes who either lived or hunted here or claimed lands depending what part of the state you’re looking at so it probably had a lot of names we couldn’t pronounce.

We can’t have the kiddies thinking about their violent past and we can’t scare off the brain dead Yankee tourists now can we?

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