Did Gun Rights Examiner defeat confirmation of rabidly anti-gun Surgeon General?

This comes as something of a surprise. This column reported in early February that with the Senate’s Democrat majority having invoked the “nuclear option” with regard to Presidential appointments, Murthy seemed poised for a fairly easy confirmation process. Indeed, several news sources at the time described Murthy as having “breezed through” the confirmation hearing before a Senate committee.

So what has changed since then?

The NRA has announced that it will “score” the vote on Murthy’s confirmation, meaning that those who vote to confirm him will be judged (in a critical light) on that vote when it comes time for supporting and endorsing candidates–and opposing them. This is especially important for “pro-gun Democrats” running in districts where gun rights are still valued.

FK – Uh, what about this? GOA has often stepped in when the ‘No Rights that aren’t Allowed’ group sat back and ignored real attacks on our Liberty. That’s what it’s about, Human Liberty, not just guns, which unfortunately for many are just toys that they’ll readily surrender when told instead of marching forth from their homes and commencing the extended and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season this country so desperately needs.