Democrat sheriff typifies ‘progressive Only One’ hypocrisy on guns

Regardless, the case could be made that the sheriff’s further claim, “only 1 percent of law enforcement members ever have to fire their gun in response to a crime,” makes it fair to ask why his deputies need guns. After all, in the next location to Flagler County’s east, Bermuda, police are typically unarmed and only true professionals, like Michael Bloomberg’s bodyguards, “need” to regularly carry firearms.

“He helped to clarify that gun control is important and that he wants to keep the people under him safe,” Merrill Shapiro, the interim leader of the local Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida bleated, letting slip the Prozi view of the proper relationship between disarmed citizens and armed enforcers by his reflexive use of the term “under.”

The safety praise curious, because it’s not exactly like Manfre had established himself as particularly authoritative — or even competent — when it comes to guns.

“Flagler County Sheriff Jim Manfre has not qualified for his law enforcement firearms certification, even though he attended an in-service training class two weeks ago,” a July 31 report reveals.

FK – Many fine examples of our dire need for a granite gallows in front of every city hall and county courthouse in this country.