Danger of civil war places Conn. on ‘knife’s edge’

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League held a major rally on the State House steps in April of 2013. The keynote speaker was Mike Vanderboegh, perhaps the best known gun rights activist on the national level. During that speech Vanderboegh repeated the oft cited quote attributed to several of the Framers of the Constitution that any law that contradicts the principles of the U.S. Constitution are null and void and are not to be obeyed.

Massive civil disobedience ensued. Between 100,000 and 300,000 gun owners in Connecticut suddenly became Class D felons. A large portion of these citizens decided they would refuse to abide by the new law due to its direct attack on Constitutional protections afforded to citizen rights, including gun rights.

But Gov. Malloy, certain members of the Connecticut State Police, and many who serve in government began a whisper campaign which made it clear that they intended, at the appropriate time, to force gun owners to comply, even if it meant conducting raids on gun owners in their homes.

FK – If we didn’t exist in a nation of cowardly whores we’d have the militia force we should have had years ago and this trash would’ve already been tried and executed for treason against the Bill of Rights and human Liberty.

Want a Pistol? Hand Over Your Facebook Password

FK – My comments on the second headline:

The ‘constitutional method’ which means the ‘Bill of Rights’ method, means you go buy a weapon, learn how to properly use it with no help or demands from the state or any government and proceed to carry it where ever you damn well please without any ‘license,’ permission slip or tax paid to any government.

It’s time to stop apologizing to our blood domestic enemies. They knew full well what the result of the welfare state and ‘drug war’ would be when they implemented them.

Don’t understand? Go to freekentuckydotcom and prepare for what will be required.