Concealed Carry Holder Averts Mass Shooting in PA

It’s so predictable.

Reports of an active shooter are always “breaking news,” until a concealed carry holder shows up to diffuse the situation.

Then, all one hears is … well, crickets.  They go silent.

That’s exactly what happened on July 24 in Darby, Pennsylvania, when a doctor saved countless lives after he incapacitated a patient who had armed himself, walked past the gun-free zone sign and gunned down a case worker.

Next on the killer’s hit list was the doctor himself.

But what the gunman, Richard Potts, hadn’t counted on was that his intended target, Dr. Lee Silverman, had defied hospital policy and was carrying a gun of his own.

FK – No rule or law written by “Liberal”(commie) trash or by greedy workaholic corporate assholes who only care about their ‘liability’ is worth your life or your health.