Cecil, The Lion, A Victim Of Poaching, NOT Fair Chase Hunting

The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC), a global organisation promoting the sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources, is deeply concerned about the storm of misinformation of the public, which has been prompted by the illegal killing of a celebrity lion in Zimbabwe.

The ethical, sustainable hunting of wildlife (including trophy hunting) is recognized as an integral part of wildlife conservation policies and strategies[i]. The illegal taking of game is classified as poaching, a crime, condemned and fought against by enforcement agencies and the hunting community alike.

The CIC supports and commends the Zimbabwe authorities and Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides’ Association for the swift actions in relation to the poaching of Cecil. Parties found guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

FK – Whether this was ‘poaching’ or not seems to still be unclear. If the authorities were so concerned for Cecil’s safety why wasn’t he behind a tall fence? What happens to older male lions when they can no longer defend their pride? Male domestic house cats often kill young kittens, and each other in their quest to further their genetic line. Cecil probably did the same in his career.

To Anti-hunters all hunting is ‘poaching.’ They would ban it all if they could. Giving an inch to them is a grave mistake. We must stop apologizing to our domestic blood enemies and treat them as they deserve to be treated, as garbage that doesn’t belong in our country.

‘Trophy hunting’ is just saying you killed an animal that is allegedly a little harder to kill than the average member of that species, unless it truly is some kind of ‘canned hunt’ or some such. Don’t let our domestic blood enemies decide the language we use or how we express our Liberty.

The deer and the real horror

Welcome to the jungle:

FK – From the vid description:

“This is what happened when a 4 year old male lion wandered into the territory of two dominant 9 year old male lions. The video was shot on safari in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and shows how the two older dominant males protect their territory by killing another male lion who chose to chase a buffalo into the wrong area. You will see over the series of videos how the dominant males kill him slowly.

“In the end though, this unfortunate lion had 4 brothers close by who got revenge by killing one of the two dominant lions later that night and caused the remaining dominant lion to flee the area. It was a sad situation on both sides because two beautiful male lions were killed and as a result of the change in power, all the area cubs will be killed along with several females as the new 4 dominant males take over the territory.”

And another:

FK – This is not the cheesy touchy-feely world our native born freaks would have us believe.

Shooting the lion to put it out of its misery would probably be ‘illegal.’

Sometimes the hunted fights back:

FK – Amerikan ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians’ could learn something from this.

And from this one:

FK – Looks like the lions killed the Giraffe bambi…

Hunting these creatures is a dangerous proposition:

FK – And sometimes maybe the lions are just hungry.

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